Chapter 18.52

18.52.000    Chapter Contents


18.52.020    Purpose.

18.52.040    Applicability.

18.52.060    General regulations.

18.52.020 Purpose

It is explicit in this title that a permitted use in any zone district cannot occur to the detriment of the surrounding properties. It is the intent of the "limited" zone district classification to set forth such standards as necessary to facilitate the compatibility of the permitted uses within each zone district.

(Ord. 5517 §1, 1995).

18.52.040 Applicability

The "L" or "limited" zone classification created a use district (GC-L) with special conditions and performance standards pertaining to the permitted uses in that "limited" zone district. No applications, recommendations, or creation of new limited zones shall hereafter be made pursuant to this chapter.

(Ord. 5664 §12, 1997; Ord. 5570 §26, 1995; Ord. 5517 §1, 1995).

18.52.060 General regulations

Conditions and performance standards limiting the conduct of permitted uses are required in any specified zone or portion thereof where necessary to achieve compatibility of development with surrounding properties. Any zone or portion thereof where such conditions and standards are to be required shall be established by ordinance and identified on the zoning map by the suffix "L" attached to its zone designation and shall be referred to as a "limited" zone. All regulations standards otherwise applicable shall apply unless specifically exempted or amended by the applicable limited zone ordinance.

(Ord. 5570 §26, 1995; Ord. 5517 §1, 1995).