Chapter 18.76

18.76.000    Chapter Contents


18.76.010    Established--Purpose.

18.76.020    Membership and Appointment.

18.76.160    Voting.

18.76.180    Joint Review Committee.

18.76.200    Staff Review.

(Ord. 7244 §11, 2020; Ord. 6526 §9, 2008, repealed sections 18.76.080-18.76.140).

18.76.010 Established--Purpose

There is hereby established a Design Review Board (the Board) to promote those qualities in the natural environment which bring value to the community; foster the attractiveness and functional utility of the community as a place to live and work; preserve the special character and quality of Olympia by maintaining the integrity of those areas which have a discernible character or are of special historic significance; raise the level of community expectations for the quality of the built environment; encourage originality and creativity in site planning and architecture; communicate these purposes to applicants and assist applicants in achieving these purposes; preserve and enhance property value; ensure that new developments maintain or improve neighborhood character and livability; and consider applicants’ needs and goals and the broader public impact of any proposal.

(Ord. 7244 §11, 2020; Ord. 6526 §9, 2008)

18.76.020 Membership and Appointment

Design Review Board Created - Composition. The Board shall consist of nine (9) members, as follows: two (2) should be architects, seven (7) shall be citizens-at-large.

(Ord. 7244 §11, 2020; Ord. 6956 §7, 2015; Ord. 6863 §1, 2013; Ord. 6526 §9, 2008; 5517 §1, 1995).

18.76.160 Voting

The Board may recommend approval, approval with conditions, or denial of any application which comes before it. The Board shall provide its recommendation to the Director, the Hearing Examiner, or to the City Council for Master Planned Development applications. All recommendations shall be issued in writing stating the reasons for the recommendation. The recommendations of the Board shall be made by a majority vote of the quorum present at the time of the decision. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business; provided, that at least three (3) shall be required to constitute a quorum excluding any disqualifications. Action may be taken by a majority of those present when those present constitute a quorum at any regular or special meeting of the Board. Any number less than a quorum shall be authorized to convene a meeting at the time set for the purposes of adjournment, recess or continuation of a regular or special meeting to a date and time certain.

(Ord. 7244 §11, 2020; Ord. 6967 §41, 2015; Ord. 6526 §9, 2008; Ord. 5570 §34, 1995; Ord. 5539 §16, 1995; Ord. 5517 §1, 1995).

18.76.180 Joint Review Committee

A.    A Joint Review Committee comprised of five (5) members from the Design Review Board and five (5) members of the Heritage Commission shall act as the Design Review Board for all structures within the design review areas which are listed on the Washington Heritage Register, the National Register of Historic Places or the Olympia Heritage Register.

B.    Members will be appointed to the Joint Review Committee from the Design Review Board and Heritage Commission for a term of one (1) year by the chairs of each body. Members may be reappointed for subsequent one (1) year terms.

C.    The provisions, standards and criteria of OMC 18.12, 18.105.020, 18.105.030 shall apply to any project considered by the Joint Review Committee provided that when a structure listed on a historic register is reviewed, the provisions of Section 18.12.090 of the Olympia Municipal Code shall also apply.

(Ord. 7244 §11, 2020; Ord. 6886 §28, 2013; Ord. 6526 §9, 2008; Ord. 6491 §10, 2007; Ord. 5517 §1, 1995).

18.76.200 Staff Review

The Department shall be responsible for the administration of this chapter and for providing staff to the Design Review Board and Joint Review Committee. All projects which require design review action shall be coordinated with other affected City departments through the Director as established in OMC 18.70.040.

(Ord. 7244 §11, 2020; Ord. 6967 §42, 2015; Ord. 5570 §34, 1995; Ord. 5517 §1, 1995).