Chapter 18.77

18.77.000    Chapter Contents


18.77.010    Complete application form and content.

18.77.010 Complete application form and content

Permit Application Contents. The City of Olympia Project Permit Applications shall specify on each type of permit application the requirements necessary for complete compliance with required time periods and procedures for approval. One (1) copy of each permit application shall be kept on file in the offices of the City Clerk and the Olympia Community Planning and Development Department and shall be available in electronic format where possible. Such applications shall be considered a part of the Olympia Municipal Code as though fully set forth therein. Such applications specify the content necessary for timely and orderly processing of each project permit application and for reaching a determination that such application is complete as provided by Section 18.72.060 of the Olympia Municipal Code. The Director shall be responsible for updating the permit applications as necessary.

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