General Order 1.1

Last Revised: 03-01-2017


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

1.1.1    Mission

1.1.2    Vision

1.1.3    Values

1.1.4    Oath of office

1.1.5    Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and Responsibility

1.1.6    Teamwork standards

1.1.1 Mission

The mission of the Olympia Police Department is to consistently earn the trust of the residents and visitors in our community. We accomplish our mission through a team approach to proactive policing, corrections, community education, and support services. We are recognized as being compassionate, respectful, highly-trained, innovative people who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the City of Olympia.

1.1.2 Vision

The Olympia Police Department is a professional law enforcement agency respected and trusted by our community. Our employees are empowered and challenged to solve problems at the lowest level in the organization. We honor and respect each other as valued members of the department. We are constantly learning through professional training and the opportunity to pursue a wide range of unique specialty assignments. We operate in a model of excellence and our community shows pride in our efforts by providing the support and resources to deliver the best policing services to the City of Olympia.

1.1.3 Values

The Olympia Police Department is ethically centered and guided by the fundamental core values of integrity and respect. We are accountable to ourselves and our citizens as we strive to create a community that is safe and welcoming for all. We value open communication between department members and the public. We operate under a one-team concept because we believe we can accomplish more as a whole than we can acting as individuals.

1.1.4 Oath of office

All personnel, prior to assuming commissioned status, will take and abide by an oath of office to the Constitution and laws of the United States, the State of Washington, and the ordinances of the City of Olympia.

1.1.5 Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and Responsibility

I.    The Olympia Police Department (the “Department”) has adopted the Olympia Police Department Code of Professional Conduct and Responsibility, which is a part of the General Orders. All Department personnel are expected to abide by these standards.

II.    General Statement

Police officers and police employees are granted a public trust which requires that they consistently demonstrate the highest degree of personal and professional integrity. To be worthy of this public trust, and to ensure that their professional conduct is above reproach, members of the Department are expected to abide by the nine Canons of Ethics which constitute the Olympia Police Department Code of Professional Conduct and Responsibility as a means of internal regulation.

Nothing in the Olympia Police Department Code of Professional Conduct and Responsibility is intended to limit or supersede any provision of law relating to the duties and obligations of peace officers or the consequences of violation thereof. Likewise, nothing in the Code is intended to limit the authority of the Department to adopt and enforce rules and regulations that are more stringent or comprehensive than those contained in the Code.

III.    Canons of Ethics

A.    Canon One

Olympia Police employees shall uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, the State of Washington, the ordinances of the City of Olympia, and all laws enacted or established pursuant to legally constituted authority.

B.    Canon Two

Olympia Police employees shall be aware of and use proper and ethical procedures in discharging their official duties and responsibilities.

C.    Canon Three

Olympia Police employees shall regard the discharge of their duties as a public trust and shall recognize their responsibilities to the people whom they serve.

D.    Canon Four

Olympia Police employees will so conduct their public and private lives that they exemplify the high standards of integrity, trust, and morality demanded of members of the law enforcement profession.

E.    Canon Five

Olympia Police employees shall recognize that our society holds the freedom of the individual as a paramount precept which shall not be infringed upon without just, legal, and necessary cause.

F.    Canon Six

Olympia Police employees shall assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the law enforcement profession.

G.    Canon Seven

Olympia Police employees shall cooperate with other officials and organizations that are using legal and ethical means to achieve the goals and objectives of the law enforcement profession.

H.    Canon Eight

Olympia Police employees shall not compromise their integrity, or that of their agency or profession, by accepting, giving, or soliciting any gratuity.

I.    Canon Nine

Olympia Police employees shall observe the confidentiality of information, available to them through any source, as it relates to the law enforcement profession.

1.1.6 Teamwork standards

All employees of the Department, regardless of rank or position, hold themselves to the following teamwork standards, known as the “Team Rules”:

I.    Communicate effectively

II.    Give each other the benefit of positive intent

III.    Be positive, team-oriented, and mission-focused

IV.    Be a hard worker

V.    Be willing to take risks

VI.    Be a decision-maker

VII.    Support each other’s decision

VIII.    Be a leader

IX.    Manage resources effectively