General Order 2.1

Last Revised: 03-01-2017


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

2.1.1    Jurisdiction

2.1.2    Mutual aid agreements

2.1.3    Exercise of police powers

2.1.4    Requesting National Guard assistance

2.1.1 Jurisdiction

I.    The corporate city limits of the City of Olympia are the geographic boundaries of the Olympia Police Department’s jurisdiction.

A.    TCOMM is provided with a current map of the City outlining specific operational districts.

B.    The map is updated annually, or as changes occur, by the City Engineering Department.

II.    Authority of the Olympia Police Department

A.    Within the City limits, the Olympia Police Department enforces the ordinances of the City of Olympia and the laws of the State of Washington and carries out all duties and responsibilities assigned to the Police Department by the Chief of Police;

B.    The Olympia Police Department retains primary jurisdiction and responsibility in matters concerning criminal violation of Olympia City ordinances within the City limits;

C.    In any situation where a question arises with another agency concerning jurisdiction, the responding Olympia police officer will make every attempt to resolve the matter in the most professional manner possible. If this is not possible, the matter will be referred to the Watch Commander or his/her designee for resolution.

III.    Members of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, Lacey Police Department, Tumwater Police Department and Washington State Patrol are specifically empowered pursuant to RCW 10.93.070 to take action in situations where criminal or traffic violations take place in their presence within the City limits. Employees of the Olympia Police Department cooperate with these agencies when they exercise their authority within the City limits. [see 1.2.1]

2.1.2 Mutual aid agreements

I.    The Olympia Police Department has written agreements with neighboring law enforcement agencies to provide mutual aid, including in emergency situations under the authority of RCWs 10.93 and 39.34

II.    Mutual aid agreements address the following issues:

A.    The legal status of agencies and agency personnel responding to mutual aid requests;

B.    Procedures for vesting provider agency personnel with the legal authority to act within the receiver agency’s jurisdiction;

C.    Procedures for requesting mutual aid;

D.    Identity of those persons authorized to request mutual aid;

E.    Identity of persons to whom outside personnel are to report;

F.    Procedures for maintaining radio communication with outside personnel;

G.    Expenditures, if any, which should be borne by the receiver agency to compensate for the use of provider agency resources.

H.    Procedures for review and revision if prescribed in the agreement.

III.    Copies of mutual aid agreements and policies are kept in the City’s document archival system.

IV.    Provisions are addressed in the mutual aid agreements governing the assistance of outside agency personnel in the following circumstances:

A.    Mass processing of arrestees;

B.    Transportation of prisoners;

C.    Operation of temporary detention facilities.

2.1.3 Exercise of police powers

I.    On-duty - Department officers are required to responsibly exercise the police powers granted to them by the City of Olympia while on paid duty conducting the official business of the City.

II.    Off-duty - A Department officer may elect to responsibly exercise the police powers granted to him/her by the City of Olympia in Olympia or in other Washington jurisdictions while off duty (i.e., when not on paid duty conducting the official business of the City). Such use of police powers is purely voluntary and is not compensated by the City.

III.    Other states and countries - Department officers shall not, at any time, attempt to exercise police powers in other states or countries, whether on official business or off-duty, unless the laws of the other state or country permit the exercise of such powers, and the Chief of Police has authorized their use, in advance.

2.1.4 Requesting National Guard assistance

Should an emergency necessitate calling out the Washington National Guard, the Chief or his/her designee makes the request as specified in the Emergency Management Plan.