General Order 11.4

Last Revised: 03-01-2017


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

11.4.1    Responsibility and accountability of employees

11.4.2    Responsibility and accountability of supervisors

11.4.1 Responsibility and accountability of employees

The success of the organization requires that responsibility is accompanied by necessary authority. In the Department, the authority to carry out organizational functions is delegated by the Chief of Police to individual employees through the command structure. At every level of the organization, employees are empowered to make the decisions necessary for the effective execution of their responsibilities.

I.    The Chief of Police is ultimately responsible for the performance of the organization. To assist the Chief in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the Department, employees are delegated the authority to perform the duties of their assignments.

II.    Each employee, by virtue of his or her position in the Department, is held accountable for his or her overall performance and the appropriate use of delegated authority to effectively accomplish professional responsibilities.

11.4.2 Responsibility and accountability of supervisors

Supervisors are held accountable for the performance of the employees under their immediate supervision. Although supervisors may delegate the actual performance of certain tasks, responsibility and/or accountability for the accomplishment of those tasks is not transferable.