General Order 16.1

Last Revised: 03-01-2017


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

16.1.1    Allocation of personnel - staffing table

16.1.2    Workload assessments

16.1.1 Allocation of personnel - staffing table

I.    The Department maintains a staffing table that illustrates the total personnel strength of the Department, as authorized by the City Council.

II.    The staffing table is maintained by the Administrative Services Division. The table includes all authorized position titles, position strengths, position locations and current vacancies. The table is updated annually in conjunction with the budget process, or as necessary.

III.    The staffing table denotes positions as:

A.    Fully commissioned (FC)

B.    Limited Commissioned (LC)

C.    Specially commissioned (SC)

D.    Civilian (C)

16.1.2 Workload assessments

I.    The Department allocates personnel to, and distributes personnel within all organizational components in accordance with periodic workload assessments.

II.    Workload assessments are used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department by maximizing the following factors:

A.    Fair division of individual workloads;

B.    Efficient and effective allocation of personnel to meet service needs;

III.    It is the responsibility of division managers to conduct a workload assessment for each position every five years, or as the Chief of Police deems necessary. Some of the factors that should be examined during position workload assessments include:

A.    The number of tasks performed;

B.    The nature of the task(s) performed;

C.    Verification that task(s) performed are necessary and consistent with Department and City service goals;

D.    The complexity of tasks performed;

E.    The time required for completion of tasks;

F.    The ratio of on-task time to available time;

G.    The location/work environment in which tasks are performed;