General Order 16.8

Last Revised: 03-01-2017


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

16.8.1    Responsibility

16.8.2    Function

16.8.3    Honor Guard Selection Criteria

16.8.4    Training

16.8.1 Responsibility

The Honor Guard shall be assigned to the Patrol Division of the Olympia Police Department. The Deputy Chief, or designee, shall be responsible for the overall management of the Honor Guard. A team leader shall be appointed and will assist with ensuring the Honor Guard is properly trained, equipped and available upon request.

16.8.2 Function

The functions performed by the Honor Guard shall include, but not be limited to:

A.    Ceremonial participation at funerals and memorial services.

B.    Honor guard demonstrations at public functions.

C.    Participation in parades and special events.

D.    Presentation of colors during department and community events.

Requests for the Honor Guard’s services shall be made through the Deputy Chief, or designee.

16.8.3 Honor Guard Selection Criteria

The Honor Guard may include uniformed members from the Patrol and Corrections Divisions. Members are selected for the Honor Guard per the selection process as outlined in Olympia Police Department General Order 16.2

16.8.4 Training

The Honor Guard shall train on an annual basis, or more frequently as necessitated in preparation for upcoming events. The team leader shall designate the training times and subject matter. The team leader shall be responsible to ensure training records are forwarded to the training office for proper entry.