General Order 21.2

Last Revised: 11/1/03


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

21.2.1    Classification plan

21.2.2    Classification plan - development/maintenance

21.2.3    Job descriptions

21.2.1 Classification plan

I.    The Department classifies positions in conformance with written City administrative policies and Civil Service Commission rules and regulations. Classification of job positions is based on similarity of duties, responsibilities and qualification requirements.

II.    Position classes within the Department are as follows:

A.    Chief of Police;

B.    Commander;

C.    Administrative Services Manager;

D.    Lieutenant;

E.    Sergeant;

F.    Office supervisor;

G.    Police officer (includes detective);

H.    Police recruit;

I.    Administrative secretary;

J.    Management analyst;

K.    Lead detention officer;

L.    Evidence technician;

M.    Secretary;

N.    Crime prevention and community resources coordinator;

O.    Warrants processor;

P.    Detention officer;

Q.    Public service representative;

R.    Police data technician;

S.    Computer support specialist;

T.    Crime analyst;

U.    Office specialist II;

V.    Police cadet;

W.    Rangemaster.

III.    Provisions for position reclassification are in accordance with City Administrative Guideline 5.5.6 and/or Civil Service Commission Rule II.

21.2.2 Classification plan -development and maintenance

I.    The Department, the City Human Resources Department and the Civil Service Commission share responsibility for developing and maintaining job specifications of each position.

II.    Job specifications are reviewed on an annual basis and revised as necessary (e.g., following renewal of labor contracts).

III.    Job specifications (based on task analysis) are outlined in job descriptions. The Human Resources Department assures that all job descriptions are approved by the Chief of Police and presented to the Civil Service Commission for adoption.

21.2.3 Job descriptions

I.    Current job descriptions for all Department positions are maintained and updated as necessary by the City Human Resources Department. Job descriptions include the duties and responsibilities of each job.

II.    Each new employee is provided with a copy of the applicable job description during new employee orientation.

III.    The Administrative Secretary maintains a copy of current job descriptions on file, and all employees are permitted access to the job description for any position classification in the Department.

IV.    Each employee is provided with a copy of the current applicable job description as a part of the annual performance/career development counseling process. [see 35.1]