General Order 24.1

Last Revised: 03-01-2017


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

24.1.1    Collective bargaining

24.1.2    Implementation of labor agreements

24.1.3    Labor/management committees

24.1.1 Collective bargaining

I.    The City bargains collectively with the representatives of officially certified employee groups, as provided in RCW 41.56.

II.    The Department abides, in both letter and spirit, by the terms and conditions of negotiated labor agreements that have been signed by management and employee group representatives, and that have been ratified by the bargaining units.

24.1.2 Implementation of labor agreements

I.    On ratification of a negotiated labor agreement by all parties, the Chief of Police or his/her designee will:

A.    Obtain a written, signed copy of the final, ratified agreement;

B.    Cause all General and Special Orders and all division directives to be reviewed and amendments made, as necessary, to comply with the terms of the new labor agreement;

C.    Disseminate information relative to implementation of the provisions of the new labor agreement (highlighting changes and modifications to the prior agreement) to the managers and supervisors of affected personnel.

II.    Department managers, supervisors, and affected personnel are responsible for being familiar with the contents of and ensuring compliance with the provisions of all collective bargaining agreements.

24.1.3 Labor/management committees

I.    The Department maintains labor/management committees for the purpose of resolving issues, providing a forum for exchange of ideas and promoting a joint understanding of problems faced by the Department.

II.    Recognizing that the issues and concerns of commissioned and civilian employees often differ widely, the Department maintains a separate labor/management committee with each union.

III.    Labor/management committee meeting standards

A.    All participants follow the Department team-work expectations;

B.    Minutes are taken at each meeting and approved by both labor and management;

C.    Approved minutes are posted in the appropriate folder on OPD/Calvin;

D.    Meetings do not substitute for established grievance procedures, as outlined in the labor agreements.

IV.    The operation of labor/management committees shall not violate current labor law or the terms of any applicable labor agreement.