General Order 25.1

Last Revised: 11/1/03


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

25.1.1    Grievance procedure

25.1.2    Grievance - responsibility

25.1.3    Grievance - records

25.1.1 Grievance procedure

I.    It is the policy of the Department to objectively and expeditiously hear all grievances brought by employees with the intent of resolving matters in a fair and just manner.

II.    The Department, City and recognized employee groups adhere to provisions outlined in the appropriate collective bargaining agreements to provide an orderly method for resolving grievances.

III.    Unrepresented employees may bring work-related issues and concerns forward as permitted in City rules.

25.1.2 Grievance - responsibility

As specified in the collective bargaining agreements, the Chief of Police or his/her designee is responsible for coordinating the grievance process.

25.1.3 Grievance - records

I.    All grievance records are maintained in a confidential file by the Administrative Secretary.

II.    Grievance records are retained for three years.