General Order 31.1

Last Revised: 03-01-2017


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

31.1.1    Recruitment policy

31.1.2    Recruitment - administration

31.1.1 Recruitment program

I.    Policy

The Olympia Police Department is committed to maintaining a work force of professional employees who have the knowledge, skills, temperament, dedication, vision and enthusiasm to provide the best quality law enforcement services to the citizens of Olympia. The Department believes that there is strength in having a work force that represents the diversity of the community, and strives to maintain that diversity by actively seeking qualified women and minority candidates.

II.    Candidate Criteria

A.    Qualifications for positions within the Olympia Police Department are detailed in each position’s classification specifications.

B.    Candidates must also possess the qualities necessary to achieve the Department’s vision and mission, and to uphold the Department’s values.

31.1.2 Recruitment - administration

I.    Primary responsibility for coordination of recruiting activities for all City job classes is vested with the Human Resources Department.

II.    Specific recruiting for police positions is a cooperative effort among the Human Resources Department, the Civil Service Commission and the Department.

III.    The Training Supervisor is responsible for coordinating all recruitments for the Department.

IV.    All Department personnel who assist with the recruitment function are skilled in relevant personnel matters, including, but not limited to the following:

A.    Civil Service rules;

B.    Department application and selection process;

C.    Position qualifications;

D.    Cultural awareness;

E.    Department career opportunities;

F.    Applicable contract terms;

G.    Interview techniques.