General Order 53.1

Last Revised: 11/1/03


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

53.1.1    Inspection - procedures

53.1.1 Inspection - procedures

I.    Definition

Inspection is the process by which supervisors and managers observe work-related resources to ensure compliance with Department policies and procedures, safe operation of Department equipment and proper maintenance of Department facilities.

II.    All employees and physical resources of the Department are subject to inspection.

III.    Types of inspection

A.    Personal appearance -Each work day supervisors note the personal appearance of their subordinates and assure that Department expectations of professional appearance are met.

B.    Vehicle inspections - Supervisors inspect the appearance and condition of the vehicles in their respective fleets at regular intervals to assure that Department vehicles are properly maintained.

C.    Facility inspection - The Chief of Police designates a manager to serve as Facilities Manager.

1.    The Facilities Manager (or designee) periodically inspects the appearance and condition of the Department’s buildings and grounds.

2.    Any unsafe condition encountered in facility inspections may be immediately corrected by the member identifying the condition. This includes taking measures to appropriately secure firearms or other safety hazards.

3.    The Facilities Manager is the central point of contact for physical plant maintenance and repair problems, and he/she assures that timely maintenance and repair requests are made through the appropriate City procedures.

D.    Personal equipment - Commissioned team managers assure that specified personal equipment items are inspected at least twice each year to assure that they are in acceptable condition and duty-ready. The personal equipment items specified for inspection are as follows:

1.    Uniform;

2.    Duty pistol and ammunition;

3.    Protective vest;

4.    Taser (if issued);

5.    Baton;

6.    Handcuffs;

7.    OC-10.

IV.    Follow-up

A supervisor or manager who documents a circumstance requiring correction, repair, replacement or other action is responsible for assuring that the steps necessary to initiate the required activity occur.