General Order 73.1

Last Revised: 11/1/03


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

73.1.1    Jail facility

73.1.2    Jail operations

73.1.3    Jail audits and inspections

73.1.4    Contracting for jail services

73.1.1 Jail facility

I.    The Department maintains a municipal jail facility (the “Olympia City Jail”) that is used for the housing of adult prisoners charged with or convicted of misdemeanor offenses.

II.    Both male and female prisoners may be housed in the Jail.

III.    Juveniles shall not be housed in the Olympia City Jail at any time.

IV.    Juveniles may be present in the Olympia City Jail facility only in the following conditions:

a.    Temporarily in the booking area of the facility for fingerprinting, photography or blood alcohol testing purposes only; and

b.    When their presence is protected from direct sight or sound contact with adult prisoners.

73.1.2 Jail operations

I.    The Support Services Division is responsible for the administration, management and daily operation of the Olympia City Jail.

II.    Jail operations are governed by the Detention Facility Directives, which are maintained in a separate manual.

73.1.3 Audits and inspections

I.    The Olympia City Jail facility, records and practices are subject to audit and inspection by the Chief of Police (or designee).

II.    Jail audits and inspections occur once each calendar year.

III.    The annual jail audit and inspection is conducted by an outside agency at least once every three years.

73.1.4 Contracting for jail services

I.    The Department may contract for jail services with other agencies.

II.    The Department shall contract for jail services only with agencies that meet or exceed the facility and operational standards that apply to the Olympia City Jail.