General Order 83.3

Last Revised: 11/1/03


This order consists of the following numbered sections:

83.3.1    Integrity of the evidence system

83.3.2    Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory

83.3.1 Integrity of the evidence system

I.    Employees collect, identify, preserve, and transmit items of evidence in a professional manner, as described in Department policy. [see 83.1 and 83.2]

II.    Whenever the custody of an item of physical evidence that has been booked into Property Control changes, for any reason, a record of the change of custody is made. The record shall include the following:

A.    The date and time of transfer;

B.    The name, title (or function, if the title is not descriptive of function) and agency of the person receiving custody;

C.    The reason for the transfer, including a description and synopsis of the results of any examinations requested.

III.    In most circumstances, documentation of evidence changes of custody is made on the property card and in the computerized Property Control system. In some special circumstances, evidence changes of custody may need to be documented on a follow-up report form.

83.3.2 Washington State Patrol Crime Laboratory

I.    All evidence submitted to the Washington State Patrol Crime (WSPCL) Laboratory is packaged according to WSPCL standards and is documented as described in 83.2.1.

II.    The Washington State Patrol Crime Lab provides a written report of laboratory findings as standard procedure on all requests for laboratory examination. WSPCL reports of laboratory findings are filed by the Records Unit with the related original case reports.