Appendix D Hyperlinks and References


External Links

Department of Ecology (DOE) Water Quality Program

DOE’s Criteria for Sewage Works Design manual

EPA’s Wastewater Programs

The Clean Water Act

The Safe Drinking Water Act

LOTT Clean Water Alliance

Olympia Municipal Code

Olympia’s Engineering Design and Development Standards (EDDS)

Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan

Thurston County Environmental Health

Article IV, Sanitary Code of Thurston County

Thurston Co. OSS Management Plan

Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Water System Plan

2003 Storm & Surface Water Plan

1996 North Thurston County Coordinated Water System Plan

Sustainable Thurston

WRIA 13 - Deschutes

Deschutes TMDLs

E-one grinder pumps

Growth Management Act

References not Available Online

City of Olympia

Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan, April 1989.

Sanitary Sewer Comprehensive Plan, Amendment No. 1, 1992.

Shana Park Nitrate Study, Robinson, Noble & Saltbush, July 2005.

Sewage Disposal Master Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement, December 1997.

Wastewater Management Plan, 2007.

Thurston County

Bacteriological Contamination Source Identification, Henderson Inlet, 1999-2001, Thurston County Environmental Health Division in conjunction with Dr. Mansour Samadpour, University of Washington, 2002. (Other information on Henderson Inlet is online at

Sewerage General Plan for Unincorporated Growth Management Area, April 17, 1990.

LOTT Clean Water Alliance

Sanitary Sewer Overflow Emergency Response Plan, 2006.

Wastewater Resource Management Plan, November 1998.


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