Chapter 3.42


3.42.010    Fund—Created.

3.42.020    Gifts over one hundred dollars.

3.42.030    Park gift list.

3.42.040    Undesignated donations.

3.42.050    Acknowledgement.

3.42.060    Project listing.

3.42.070    Publicity.

3.42.080    Designation of names for parks and park facilities.

3.42.010 Fund—Created.

A separate fund entitled "Park Gift Fund" is hereby created for memorial donations and gifts in honor of living individuals, groups or ideas. (Ord. 1481 § 1, 2002).

3.42.020 Gifts over one hundred dollars.

All donations or gifts over one hundred dollars will be acknowledged on a permanent structure by placement of a plaque. Such structure will need to be:

(a)    esthetically pleasing;

(b)    easily visible and accessible;

(c)    durable, requiring low or no maintenance; and

(d)    vandalism resistant. (Ord. 1481 § 2, 2002).

3.42.030 Park gift list.

The Omak park board will create and maintain a park gift list designating needed items and their cost so that donors may contribute to or purchase a specific item. The gift list will include items and facilities compatible with the city’s long-range park and landscape plans. The Omak park board and city staff will update the park gift list annually. (Ord. 1481 § 3, 2002).

3.42.040 Undesignated donation.

Undesignated donations or gifts accumulated in the park gift fund will be utilized for capital projects as proposed by the Omak park board, and as approved by city council. (Ord. 1481 § 4, 2002).

3.42.050 Acknowledgement.

All donations and gifts whether designated or undesignated shall be acknowledged by a letter from the city and kept as a permanent record. (Ord. 1481 § 5, 2002).

3.42.060 Project Listing.

The Omak park board will create, maintain and update annually an in-kind project listing which well designate projects in city parks that can be accomplished with volunteer labor. All projects shall meet city specifications and be compatible with long range park and landscape plans. (Ord. 1481 § 5, 2002).

3.42.070 Publicity.

The Omak park board shall publicize and promote the park gift fund and the in-kind project listing. (Ord. 1481 § 6, 2002).

3.42.080 Designation of names for parks and park facilities.

Designating the names of existing park facilities or designating the name of new park facilities that have not received donor support shall occur only in the case of extraordinary service or merit to honor those who have had a positive impact on the citizens of Omak as a whole. Designating the name of park facilities shall be reviewed and a recommendation made by the park board to the city council who shall have final approval. (Ord. 1481 § 7, 2002).