Chapter 6.08


6.08.020    Pound established—Police chief ex officio poundkeeper.

6.08.030    Impoundment—Sale of animal—Notice.

6.08.040    Redemption—Fees—Proceeds from sale.

6.08.060    Penalties for violations.

6.08.020 Pound established—Police chief ex officio poundkeeper.

The police chief of said city shall be the ex officio poundkeeper in said town and a common pound shall be and is hereby established and ordered to be maintained within the said corporate limits and upon such site as may be selected by the mayor of the city. (Ord. 13 § 2; June 13, 1911).

6.08.030 Impoundment—Sale of animal—Notice.

The police chief shall impound all estray, domestic animals, except dogs, found running at large within the corporation limits of the city, and shall keep all such animals so impounded for the space of seven days from the time of impounding the same, unless such animal or animals shall be sooner redeemed by the payment of the fees and charges herein fixed; and said police chief, as soon as he shall impound any such animal, shall immediately advertise such impounded animal for sale, and shall give notice of such sale by posting notice of such sale in three of the most public places in the city for at least six days prior to such sale, and shall recite in such notice a description of such animal and the time and place of such sale; provided, that such sales shall be at public auction to the highest bidder for cash. (Ord. 13 § 3; June 13, 1911).

6.08.040 Redemption—Fees—Proceeds from sale.

It shall be the duty of said police chief to collect the sum of forty dollars per day or fraction of a day that any such animal shall be impounded, in addition to the actual cost of boarding of the animal, and if any such animal shall not be redeemed by the payment of such fees and charges, the same shall be sold as aforesaid, and after deducting the cost of keeping any such animal, the police chief shall place the balance of the amount arising from such sale in the city treasury for the benefit of the owner of such animal if demanded within one year from the date of such sale. (Ord. 1275 § 1, 1995: Ord. 13 § 4; June 13, 1911).

6.08.060 Penalties for violations.

Failure to perform any act required, or the performance of any act prohibited, by this chapter is designated as a civil infraction and shall not be classified as a criminal offense. Any person, firm or corporation found to have committed such a civil infraction shall be subject to the penalties as set forth in Chapter 1.16. (Ord. 1665 § 2 (part), 2010: Ord. 1528 § 2, 2004: Ord. 13 § 6 as amended by Ord. 68; March 16, 1920).