Chapter 7.102


7.102.010    Penalty for violation.

7.102.020    Definitions.

7.102.010 Penalty for violation.

Every person convicted by the municipal court of a violation of the criminal provisions of an ordinance for which no punishment is specifically prescribed shall be punished as provided in RCW 3.50.440 as amended by Section 120, Chapter 258 Laws of 1984 and any subsequent amendments thereto. (Ord. 933 § 2, 1984: Ord. 832 § 4, 1980).

7.102.020 Definitions.

“Rebuttable presumption” is an assumption of fact accepted by the court until disproved. All presumptions can be characterized as rebuttable. It is an assumption that is made in law that will stand as fact until someone comes forward to contest it and prove otherwise. (Ord. 1778 § 3, 2014).