Chapter 14.08


14.08.010    Permit—Application—Council to grant.

14.08.020    Permit—Modifications—Refusal.

14.08.030    Penalty—Violations.

14.08.010 Permit—Application—Council to grant.

No person, persons, or corporation shall move any building, house or structure of any kind or nature onto any property within the city limits or shall move any structure, building, house of any kind or nature from one parcel of land to another within the city limits, without first securing a permit therefor for the movement of the same.

An application for a permit to move a building either into the city or from one parcel of land to another within the city shall be made to the city clerk. Said application shall be in writing stating the type of building that is desired to be brought in, where it is being brought from, and where the applicant desires to locate the building. There shall also be attached to the application a detailed report showing the manner in which said building will be remodeled and a drawing of the building as it will appear after it has been remodeled.

The city clerk shall submit the application to the city council at a regular meeting or any special meeting called for that purpose and the city council shall consider the application and plans for remodeling the building and if the city council desires any further information from the applicant regarding the remodeling of the building, the applicant shall furnish the information to it before the city council shall act upon the application. The city council may request pictures of the building if it so desires and also pictures of the location where the building will be situated.

If the city council approves the application for the moving of the structure, then it shall grant a permit therefor and shall in addition provide in the permit a date on or before which the building must be remodeled, repaired or completed or the moving and location thereof completed. The city council may deny such application for any reason that it deems proper. If the permit is denied the applicant shall be so notified and if the permit is granted, such permit shall be issued by the building inspector of the city of Omak to the applicant. (Ord. 363 § 1, 1957).

14.08.020 Permit—Modifications—Refusal.

The city council shall have the authority to make any requirements of the applicant in regard to the remodeling of the building, the situating of the building as it deems proper or the city council may decline the application if it deems such proper. (Ord. 363 § 2, 1957).

14.08.030 Penalty—Violations.

Any person not acquiring the permit as provided for in this chapter for the movement of a building as provided for in this chapter upon conviction of said offense shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined in an amount not to exceed three hundred dollars or ninety days in jail or both said fine and jail sentence may be imposed. In addition thereto, if any building has been moved without a permit being issued therefor, then the owner of the building or the one moving the building shall forthwith remove the building outside the limits of the city of Omak upon being ordered to do such in writing by the city council or the building inspector of the city.

In the event any applicant secures a permit and then fails to comply with the regulations of the building code or any other ordinances of the city of Omak or the regulations of the permit within the time specified therein, then it shall be deemed that the applicant or licensee is in violation of this chapter and upon conviction thereof shall be fined the sum of three hundred dollars or ninety days in jail or both such fine and imprisonment, and, in addition thereto, the city council or building inspector upon written order may require the applicant or licensee to forthwith remove said building or structure outside the city limits of Omak. (Ord. 363 § 3, 1957).