Chapter 14.14


14.14.010    Authorization.

14.14.020    Qualifications.

14.14.030    Funding provided by project owner.

14.14.040    Reports.

14.14.010 Authorization.

Whenever in the sole discretion of the municipal building inspector a building project involves complex installation that require inspection beyond the skills of the regular municipal inspector, the city building inspector may require the employment of a special inspector. (Ord. 1128 § 1, 1990).

14.14.020 Qualifications.

The special inspector shall be a person who has been approved by the municipal building inspector and shall be a person who has highly developed inspection skills in the applicable construction craft. It shall be the responsibility of the building inspector to determine the qualifications of the special inspector. (Ord. 1128 § 2, 1990).

14.14.030 Funding provided by project owner.

The project owner shall be responsible for funding special inspection services. (Ord. 1128 § 3, 1990).

14.14.040 Reports.

Special inspectors shall complete writing inspection reports for each inspection visit and provide the reports on a timely basis determined by the regular municipal building inspector. Such reports shall describe the inspections and identify all nonconforming items and shall indicate how nonconforming items were resolved and shall, in addition to that, list unresolved items, parties notified time and method of notification, and shall itemize changes authorized by the architect/engineer of record and approved by the building department if not included in nonconformance items. In addition thereto, such special inspectors shall include a final signed report to the building department stating that all items requiring special inspection and testing were fulfilled and reported and to the best of their knowledge in conformance with the approved design, drawings, specifications, approved change orders and the applicable provisions of the Uniform Building Code, Uniform Mechanical Code and Uniform Plumbing Code. (Ord. 1128 § 4, 1990).