Chapter 16.12


16.12.010    Definitions.

16.12.020    Adoption of state fire safety standards.

16.12.030    Regulations.

16.12.040    Building permit—Required.

16.12.050    Penalties for violation.

16.12.060    Validity.

16.12.010 Definitions.

(a)    A self-service gasoline station includes any gasoline station whose customers are permitted to pump their own fuels by approved special dispensing devices such as, but not limited to, coin-operated, card-operated, and remote preset types.

(b)    Class I liquid contains those liquids having flash points below one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, which includes gasoline. (Ord. 621 § 1, 1971).

16.12.020 Adoption of state fire safety standards.

The fire safety standards for self-service gasoline stations as promulgated by the office of State Fire Marshal, Order Adopting Regulations No. F-70-1, dated June 15, 1970, be and the same is hereby adopted by reference. Three copies of such publication have been filed with the city clerk, city of Omak, all as provided by RCW 35.21.180 and such publication is by reference made a part of this chapter. (Ord. 621 § 2, 1971).

16.12.030 Regulations.

Where the dispensing of Class I liquids at a service station available and open to the public is to be done by a person other than the service station attendant, such station shall comply with applicable requirements of the Uniform Fire Code and including the following additional regulations:

(a)    Self-service dispensing units shall be controlled from a control station containing devices so as to enable the attendant to control the operation of dispensing units therefrom. Each control station shall be located so that the operator will have a clear and unobstructed view of all pump islands;

(b)    Whenever self-service dispensing devices are utilized in keeping with the restrictions of this chapter, a two-way communication system of the public address type shall be maintained to provide direct and individual communication between the remote control room and each pump island;

(c)    There shall be not less than one attendant for each twelve dispensing devices on duty at all times while the station is open to the public, whose primary function while the self-service gasoline dispensing equipment is in use is to supervise the dispensing of gasoline by the self-service customer;

(d)    All attendants shall be thoroughly instructed in the operation of the public address system, the fire extinguishing apparatus, the operation of the dispensing devices and safety regulations for the dispensing of Class I liquids. The dispensing devices shall be shut off when patrons do not follow instructions;

(e)    In addition to requirements of Article 52, every self-service gasoline pump and/or device for dispensing gasoline shall be equipped with a vacuum operated valve so designed and constructed as to automatically shut off before gasoline overflows.

(f)    Each dispensing unit for Class I liquids shall be provided with an automatic locking device that prevents the reuse of the unit after the hose has been replaced until the unit has been manually unlocked. A computing pump that automatically prevents reuse until reset device is operated may be approved as complying with the provisions of this section;

(g)    Each dispensing device for Class I liquids at a self-service station shall be kept locked or otherwise maintained inoperable at all times that the station is unattended;

(h)    Each self-service station shall be equipped with sufficient "No Smoking" signs as to be readily observed by patrons from any point within the dispensing area. The operator shall refuse service to any customer who is smoking or who appears for any reason to be unable or incompetent to operate the self-service equipment;

(i)    No person under the age of sixteen years shall use or dispense gasoline;

(j)    Fire extinguishing equipment shall be provided as required by NFPA Number 10.

(k)    There shall be maintained available for patrons’ use water hoses for automobile radiators, compressed air for tires, garbage receptacles and separate restrooms for men and women. (Ord. 1421 § 3, 1999; Ord. 621 § 3, 1971).

16.12.040 Building permit—Required.

Nothing contained herein shall relieve any person, association or corporation of the necessity of obtaining any building permit required for construction or remodeling or from complying with any other pertinent ordinances. (Ord. 621 § 4, 1971).

16.12.050 Penalties for violation.

Any violation of this chapter shall be subject to restraint by injunction and shall constitute a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in the city jail for not more than ninety days, or by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars, or both. (Ord. 621 § 5, 1971).

16.12.060 Validity.

A determination that any portion of this chapter is invalid shall not impair the validity of the remaining portions. (Ord. 621 § 6, 1971).