Chapter 17.25


17.25.010    Purpose.

17.25.020    Requirement.

17.25.010 Purpose.

This chapter will establish procedures regulating division of property for the purpose of deeding land to the city, county, taxing district, governmental body, utility company or nonprofit community organization or foundation (whose articles or bylaws allow it to hold land for public use and benefit) for a designated use. Land can be divided providing the separated portion of property has sufficient lot area, dimensions and meets all other criteria to comply with the applicable city regulations for the intended purpose of segregation.

Public purpose segregation may include deeded paths, trails and rights-of-way for public access purposes; if a deeded path, trail or right-of-way traverses a parcel, such path shall be considered an exception to the underlying parcel and shall not be considered a division of the underlying parcel nor subtract from the parcel size for density purpose. (Ord. 1812 § 1 (Exh. A)(part), 2015: Ord. 1410 § 1, 1999).

17.25.020 Requirement.

The administrator may approve government or public purpose segregation under the following circumstances:

(a)    Upon completion of the City of Omak application form including the following information:

(1)    A legal description of the entire property;

(2)    A legal description of the property to be separated and deeded;

(3)    A statement of the specific public purpose;

(4)    Signature of all owners or their agents having authority to deed the property involved in the application and the body or agency to receive the property; and

(5)    Sufficient information to determine whether the public purpose parcel and the remainder meet the standards of Section 17.08.030.

(b)    The segregation shall include a provision in the instrument of transfer that:

The subject property was created for ______________ (purpose) under an exemption provision of the Omak Subdivision Ordinance.

If the parcel segregated does not meet the criteria for a “buildable lot” as defined in Section 17.08.030, the following additional language shall be included on the instrument of transfer:

As long as the property is a public purpose parcel, building permits may be obtained consistent with the public purpose use for which the segregation was made, provided that no structures for human habitation shall be erected. In the event that the parcel is no longer used for public purposes or passes out of the hands of the public entity, all zoning, subdivision, density requirements and other land use requirements must be met before any building permit can be obtained.

(Ord. 1812 § 1 (Exh. A)(part), 2015: Ord. 1410 § 2, 1999).