Chapter 18.22


18.22.010    Purpose.

18.22.020    General uses.

18.22.030    Development standards.

18.22.040    Accessory uses.

18.22.010 Purpose.

The purpose of the RS—Residential Single Unit district is to implement the “low density” designation described in the greater Omak comprehensive plan. This district is intended for existing and new areas characterized by primarily single-unit dwellings (Section 18.08.153). All such areas lie within the urban growth area as identified in the greater Omak area comprehensive plan. Areas within this district either already have access to city services, or such services are readily available due to the close proximity to the city limits. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.22.020 General uses.

The district use chart, Section 18.11.050, sets forth those uses which are permitted outright, require a conditional use permit, or planned development approval in the RS district. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.22.030 Development standards.

Lot size and coverage, setbacks, height and density requirements. Table 1.0, Section 18.16.020, sets forth requirements for lot size, building coverage, setbacks, height and density requirements for the RS district. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.22.040 Accessory uses.

The following accessory uses which are customarily incidental to the above uses, and carried out only in conjunction with such uses, are allowed in the RS—Residential Single Unit district:

(1)    Housing for people with functional disabilities, including supported living arrangements for two or fewer persons (excluding owner/care provider).

(2)    Amateur radio antenna. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).