Chapter 18.36


18.36.010    Purpose.

18.36.020    General uses.

18.36.030    Development standards.

18.36.040    General provisions.

18.36.010 Purpose.

The HI—Heavy Industrial district is intended for those areas presently containing heavy industrial uses or are deemed to be environmentally suited for such uses. Heavy industrial uses typically entail manufacturing, processing, and product storage. The generation of hazardous wastes, significant noise, dust, fumes, smoke, heavy track traffic, light and glare, toxic substance generation, and others are common environmental impacts often associated with such industrial uses. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.36.020 General uses.

The district use chart, Section 18.11.050, sets forth those uses which are permitted outright, require a conditional use permit, or planned development approval in the HI—Heavy Industrial district. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.36.030 Development standards.

Table 1.0, Section 18.16.020, sets forth requirements for lot size, building coverage, setbacks, height and density requirements for the HI—Heavy Industrial district. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).

18.36.040 General provisions.

(a)    Off street parking and loading shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 18.68;

(b)    Standards for signs are set forth in the city of Omak sign ordinance;

(c)    Pollution standards set up by regional, state or federal pollution-control commissions, boards or agencies shall apply to all uses;

(d)    Security chain link fences are permitted. (Ord. 1286 (part), 1995).