Chapter 1.04


1.04.010    Form of city seal.

1.04.020    Form of official city logo.

1.04.030    Policy on use of city seal and logo.

1.04.040    Use for official purposes.

1.04.050    Restrictions on use.

1.04.060    Violation.

1.04.010 Form of city seal.

The seal of the city of Othello, Washington shall be as follows:

[Seal available in city clerk’s office]

A metallic, circular device on which shall be engraved and embossed the words “Seal Othello,” surrounded by the words “Othello, Washington, Incorporated, May 23, 1910” which device shall be capable of making an impression of the words on paper. (Ord. 1177 § 1, 2004: Ord. 2 § 1, 1910).

1.04.020 Form of official city logo.

The official city logo depicted above is a stylized portrayal of a train locomotive, sand hill cranes, the agricultural life style, and a city water tower. The words “City of Othello, Washington” are integrated into the design. This city logo shall be used by the city of Othello and its departments only in their official capacity and shall not be used by others except as permitted by the city council. (Ord. 1177 § 2 (part), 2004).

1.04.030 Policy on use of city seal and logo.

The city council finds that the official logo and seal of the city, as set forth hereinabove, are symbols of the authority and jurisdiction of the city, and as such, are valuable assets of the city and its citizens. The city council desires to ensure that only appropriate uses are made of the city’s official logo and seal. (Ord. 1177 § 2 (part), 2004).

1.04.040 Use for official purposes.

The city logo and seal shall be used for official purposes only, or as authorized by the city council. (Ord. 1177 § 2 (part), 2004).

1.04.050 Restrictions on use.

Use of the city logo and seal shall be restricted as follows:

(a)    The official city logo is a trademarked property of the city. Except as authorized by the city council or as otherwise provided by law, the city logo and seal shall not be used on or in connection with any advertisement or promotion for any product, business, organization, service or article, whether offered for sale, for profit or offered without charge.

(b)    No persons shall use a symbol that imitates the city logo or seal or that is deceptively similar in appearance to the city logo or seal. (Ord. 1177 § 2 (part), 2004).

1.04.060 Violation.

Any person who willfully violates this chapter is deemed to have committed a civil infraction and is subject to punishment as set forth in the city’s penalty provisions for such violations. The city’s right to enforce under this section shall not affect its rights to pursue civil or injunctive relief under federal or state laws, or any other relief available under the law. (Ord. 1177 § 2 (part), 2004).