Chapter 2.68


2.68.010    Personnel regulations—Fair Labor Standards Act.

2.68.020    Amendments to Fair Labor Standards Act.

2.68.030    Discrimination against citizens prohibited.

2.68.010 Personnel regulations—Fair Labor Standards Act.

It is declared to be a policy of the city of Othello that officers, department heads, supervisors and employees shall be prohibited from discriminating or distinguishing in any manner in the receiving of applications for employment, the hiring, upgrading, promoting, transferring, discharging and carrying out of any and all personnel policies, between or against any person on account of his race, creed, color, national origin, sex or age, or to violate any of the restrictions or requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the 1974 Amendments under Public Law 93259, or any more strict regulations as enacted by the state of Washington or any amendments thereto. (Ord. 475 § 1, 1974).

2.68.020 Amendments to Fair Labor Standards Act.

There is also adopted those portions of the amendments to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1974, Public Law 93-259, pertaining to municipal governments of the third or fourth class, concerning minimum wages, overtime provisions for regular employees, overtime provisions for public safety employees, investigations and record keeping, and discrimination. (Ord. 475 § 2, 1974).

2.68.030 Discrimination against citizens prohibited.

It is further declared to be the policy of the city of Othello not to discriminate against any citizen, taxpayer, person, firm or corporation served by or doing business with the city of Othello; that no discrimination shall be permitted with reference to race, creed, color, national origin, sex or age. Any officer or employee who shall discriminate or commit any act of discrimination against any person, firm or corporation, contrary to said policy, shall be subject to reprimand, suspension or discharge, and any person wilfully committing such an act of discrimination knowingly, wilfully or intentionally shall also be personally liable for any damages or liability suffered by the city of Othello. (Ord. 475 § 3, 1974).