Chapter 2.80


2.80.010    Purpose.

2.80.020    Definition.

2.80.030    Policy.

2.80.010 Purpose.

To establish procedures and guidelines under which city funds can be utilized for the purpose of employee appreciation. (Ord. 1536 (part), 2019).

2.80.020 Definition.

For purposes of this policy, “employee appreciation” means any award, token of appreciation, prize, meal, entertainment or event that is intended specifically to promote goodwill, foster a sense of pride in affiliation with the city, promote safety, productivity, reliability, efficiency, dedication, commitment to the community and/or cost savings for the city among city employees. (Ord. 1536 (part), 2019).

2.80.030 Policy.

(a)    Appreciation. The city of Othello or its individual departments or work units may, subject to budgetary authority, expend funds for the purpose of employee appreciation. The expenditure of funds for a token of appreciation, prize plaque, award or similar item is limited to no more than one hundred twenty-five dollars total per employee per year. Beginning in 2020, this amount will be increased two dollars annually.

(b)    Length of Service Awards. Length of service awards will be offered for ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five and thirty years of service. The expenditure of funds for recognition of longevity of employment and/or retirement shall be limited to the amount of one hundred twenty-five dollars plus two dollars for every year of service. This limit does not include sales tax, shipping and handling, and engraving charges.

(c)    Maximum Limit. In no event shall the total of all awards/gifts received by an employee exceed two hundred dollars in a calendar year.

(d)    Approval. The expenditure of funds for meals related to an employee appreciation event must be authorized by the mayor and/or city administrator in advance. The mayor and/or city administrator must approve the expenditure of funds for use of facilities, entertainment or similar costs for the purpose of employee appreciation in advance. (Ord. 1536 (part), 2019).