Chapter 4.32


4.32.010    Findings.

4.32.020    Chapter supplemental.

4.32.030    Application of fees.

4.32.010 Findings.

In furtherance of the provisions of Chapter 35.99 RCW and RCW 35A.21.245, Chapter 11.60 of this code was adopted. This chapter provides for fees to be imposed and collected in connection with the operation of telecommunication systems, services and facilities within the city. (Ord. 1090 § 1 (part), 2001).

4.32.020 Chapter supplemental.

(a)    The provisions of this chapter are supplemental to and not a replacement of other provisions of this code. When required by this code or any other applicable law or regulation, entities subject to the provisions of this chapter shall obtain all licenses and permits required by such other laws or regulations, including a city business license, and maintain those in a current status as a condition of being in compliance with this chapter and Chapter 11.60.

(b)    Every cable television service provider, whether they are required to obtain a franchise for the use of city rights-of-way or not, shall be required to remit the appropriate utility tax on all gross revenues. “Gross revenues” means all amounts accrued by grantee in whatever form and from all sources, from the operation of grantee’s cable system to provide cable service within the franchise area. “Gross revenues” shall include, without limitation, all amounts for all cable services, including, but not limited to, basic, expanded basic, premium, and pay-per-view services, advertising sales and installation fees and charges. “Gross revenues” shall also include any revenue received by any affiliate of grantee where such revenue in the ordinary course of business has been paid or should have been paid to grantee from the operation of its cable system to provide cable service within the franchise area. By way of illustration and not limitation, this definition would include revenue derived from the sale of cable system advertising time by an affiliate of grantee. “Gross revenues” shall not include bad debt, sales taxes, or other taxes which are collected by grantee on behalf of, and for payment to, the local, state or federal government. (Ord. 1090 § 1 (part), 2001).

4.32.030 Application of fees.

That the following fees for processing telecommunication right-of-way use authorization applications and renewals and facilities leases and renewals are created:

Telecommunications license


Renewal of telecommunications license


Telecommunications franchise


Telecommunications franchise renewal


Cable franchise


Cable franchise renewal


(Ord. 1090 § 1 (part), 2001).