Chapter 9.10


9.10.010    Declaration and announcement of emergency.

9.10.020    Emergency streets designated.

9.10.030    Removal from other streets.

9.10.040    Notice of street maintenance.

9.10.050    Emergency must subside.

9.10.060    Towing.

9.10.010 Declaration and announcement of emergency.

In the event of a snow storm or heavy fall of snow, flood, fire or other emergency, the mayor may declare an emergency for such period as such emergency may exist, not to exceed seventy-two hours, by requesting the local radio station to announce the emergency and the conditions and terms thereof by radio broadcast at least once an hour for a four-hour period and/or if necessary to announce the same by sound truck patrolling the affected city streets and/or by distribution, door-to-door of handbills containing the announcement, and/or in such other suitable and adequate manner as the director of civil defense may recommend. (Ord. 331 § 1, 1966).

9.10.020 Emergency streets designated.

In the emergency the mayor may declare any or all of the following streets emergency streets, and require the removal of all parked vehicles therefrom and to prohibit the parking of vehicles thereon, as necessary, during the emergency: Main Street, Broadway Avenue, First Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Seventh Avenue and Fourteenth Avenue. (Ord. 331 § 2, 1966).

9.10.030 Removal from other streets.

Also in the emergency the mayor may require the removal of parked vehicles from and prohibit the parking of vehicles on any other of the streets of the city for such time as is necessary to remove snow therefrom, or to take care of any other emergency, upon notice at least ten hours in advance, in the manner provided in Section 9.10.010. (Ord. 331 § 3, 1966).

9.10.040 Notice of street maintenance.

The city supervisor is hereby authorized to prohibit the standing or parking of motor vehicles on any street or portion thereof for the purpose of snow removal, repair or cleaning of any street, or to remove a traffic congestion by posting or placing of notices or signs forbidding the standing or parking of vehicles on such street or portion thereof, which notices or signs shall be posted or placed not less than ten hours prior to the time when it is intended that no vehicle shall be left standing or parked in the street. (Ord. 331 § 4, 1966).

9.10.050 Emergency must subside.

When such emergency has been announced by the mayor or when signs or notices have been posted or placed by the city supervisor, no vehicle shall be left standing or parked upon the street so designated until after the snow has been removed, the repair completed, or the street cleaning finished, or the traffic congestion eliminated, or the designated other emergency has subsided. (Ord. 331 § 5, 1966).

9.10.060 Towing.

Any vehicle left standing or parked after the time for its removal following the announcement of such emergency or the posting of the notices or signs, as herein provided, may be removed by the chief of police or the city supervisor by commercial tow trucks or other available means and placed in commercial storage or at such place as the city council may designate by resolution, and the vehicle shall not be released to the owner or the person entitled thereto until the reasonable cost of towing, removing and storing the same has been paid. (Ord. 331 § 6, 1966).