Chapter 9.44


9.44.010    Definitions.

9.44.020    Permissible areas of operation.

9.44.030    Rules of operation.

9.44.040    Noise restriction.

9.44.050    Helmet requirement.

9.44.060    Rules of the road.

9.44.070    Responsibility.

9.44.080    Violation—Penalty.

9.44.010 Definitions.

“Motorized foot scooter” means a device with no more than two ten-inch or smaller diameter wheels that has handlebars, is designed to be stood or sat upon by the operator, and is powered by an internal combustion engine or electric motor that is capable of propelling the device with or without human propulsion. (Ord. 1228 § 1 (part), 2006).

9.44.020 Permissible areas of operation.

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, motorized foot scooters may be operated on roadways, shoulders, alleys, private aircraft movement areas not associated with aircraft operations, and shall be prohibited in the following locations:

(a)    On any street with a posted maximum speed limit greater than twenty-five miles per hour;

(b)    On any sidewalk;

(c)    On any bicycle lane;

(d)    On any multi-purpose trail. (Ord. 1228 § 1 (part), 2006).

9.44.030 Rules of operation.

(a)    No person under sixteen years of age may operate a motorized foot scooter on a roadway, shoulder, or alley.

(b)    No motorized foot scooter shall be operated with any passenger or other person in addition to the operator.

(c)    Every motorized foot scooter in use during the hours of darkness as defined in RCW 46.37.020 (one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before dawn) shall be equipped with a lamp on the front which shall emit a white light visible from a distance of at least five hundred feet to the front and pursuant to RCW 46.20.500 with a red reflector on the rear of a type approved by the State Patrol which shall be visible from all distances up to six hundred feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful lower beams of head lamps on a motor vehicle. A lamp emitting a red light visible from a distance of five hundred feet to the rear may be used in addition to the red reflector. A light-emitting diode flashing tail light visible from a distance of five hundred feet to the rear may also be used in addition to the red reflector. (Ord. 1228 § 1 (part), 2006).

9.44.040 Noise restriction.

Operation of motorized foot scooters subject to provision of Chapter 5.38, entitled “Noise Control.” Operation of a gas motorized foot scooter without a muffling device, or operation with a modified muffling device, is unlawful. (Ord. 1228 § 1 (part), 2006).

9.44.050 Helmet requirement.

Any person operating a motorized foot scooter upon any roadway, shoulder, or alley shall wear an approved helmet designed for safety and shall have either the neck- or chin-strap of the helmet fastened securely while the motorized foot scooter is in motion. “Helmet” means a protective covering for the head consisting of a hard outer shell, padding adjacent to and inside the outer shell and a neck- or chin-strap-type retention system, with a label required by the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission as adopted by the Code of Federal Regulations 16 CFR 1203, or an approved safety design that meets or exceeds the requirements of standard Z.90.4 set by the American National Standards Institute, or a subsequently nationally recognized standard for helmet performance as the city may adopt. (Ord. 1228 § 1 (part), 2006).

9.44.060 Rules of the road.

Any person operating a motorized foot scooter shall obey all rules of the road applicable to vehicle or pedestrian traffic, as well as instructions of official traffic control signals, signs, and other control devices applicable to vehicles, unless otherwise directed by a police officer. (Ord. 1228 § 1 (part), 2006).

9.44.070 Responsibility.

No person shall do any act forbidden by this chapter or fail to perform any act required by this chapter. The parent of any child and the guardian of any ward shall not authorize or knowingly permit any such child or ward to violate any of the provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 1228 § 1 (part), 2006).

9.44.080 Violation—Penalty.

Any person violating this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction and shall be punished by imposition of C-4 monetary penalty as set forth in Chapter 1.10. (Ord. 1228 § 1 (part), 2006).