Chapter 2.14


2.14.010    City administrator – Appointed – Term.

2.14.020    Duties of city administrator.

2.14.030    Office of deputy clerk created – Duties – Full-time status.

2.14.010 City administrator – Appointed – Term.

Effective April 1, 2018, the office of the clerk-treasurer is replaced by the office of the city administrator. The city administrator shall be appointed by the mayor per RCW 35.23.021. The city administrator shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor. [Ord. 969 §2, 2018; Ord. 788 §3, 2003].

2.14.020 Duties of city administrator.

The city administrator shall fully perform all of the duties of a city clerk and city treasurer as provided in RCW 35.23.121 and 35.23.131, and shall have the following additional duties, powers and responsibilities, subject to the direction, supervision and authority of the mayor:

A. Provide administrative support to city departments, mayor and city council with the implementation of decisions, regulations and policies of the mayor and city council, and coordinate general city operations.

B. Regularly update the mayor concerning general city operations, including the status of all assignments, duties and projects. These updates do not replace the responsibilities of individual department heads to update the mayor and city council on the needs and progress of their respective departments.

C. Attend all city council meetings and other such meetings as may be directed by the mayor.

D. Oversee expenditures of all departments for the purpose of maintaining the limitations of the annual budget of the city.

E. Compile and maintain, as part of the city’s records, a monthly “Revenues and Expenditures” report, and provide a quarterly financial statement of city affairs to the chairperson of the finance, property and equipment committee of the city council.

F. Establish, maintain, and coordinate implementation of a current capital improvements program predicated on long-range plans and policies approved by the city council and analyze proposed capital expenditures to facilitate decisions by the mayor and city council.

G. Perform additional city administration functions as assigned by the mayor, except that no duties limited exclusively to the mayor or city council by the City Charter, RCW, or other applicable state and federal laws may be delegated to the city administrator.

H. Hiring, supervision, performance evaluation, and all other city personnel management functions may not be delegated to the city administrator, except that the city administrator may have direct supervisory authority over the deputy clerk. [Ord. 969 §2, 2018; Ord. 788 §4, 2003].

2.14.030 Office of deputy clerk created – Duties – Full-time status.

There is hereby created the office of deputy city clerk, whose duties include assistance to the city clerk and the doing of all things pertaining to the affairs and duties of the city clerk of a second class city as provided by the laws of the state. For the purposes of Chapters 2.44 and 2.56 PMC, the deputy clerk shall be considered a full-time employee whenever he or she is employed to regularly work at least 32 hours per week. [Ord. 840 §2, 2008].