Chapter 2.28


2.28.010    Police officer – Created.

2.28.020    Police officer – Appointment – Term – Powers.

2.28.030    Duties – City council authority.

2.28.040    Deputy policeman – Hours.

2.28.050    Deputy policeman – Authority.

2.28.060    Arrests and warrants.

2.28.070    Police justice – Compensation.

*For statutory provisions regarding the chief of police and police department, see RCW 35.23.161.

2.28.010 Police officer – Created.

The office of police is created, such office to be filled by the appointment of one or more policemen, as provided in PMC 2.28.020 hereof. [1919 Comp. §28].

2.28.020 Police officer – Appointment – Term – Powers.

A. The mayor, by and with the consent of the city council, shall from time to time appoint one or more policemen, who shall hold office from the date of their appointment and qualification to the end of the term of the office of the mayor making the appointment, subject to be removed at any time by the mayor, with the consent of at least four members of the council.

B. Any and all such police officers shall be under the direction of the chief of police, subject to the direction of the mayor and council, and such officer or officers shall have and exercise all powers and authority with which the chief of police is clothed. Such officer or officers shall also perform such other duties as the council may from time to time direct by ordinance or resolution. [1919 Comp. §29].

2.28.030 Duties – City council authority.

In addition to the duties prescribed by ordinance for the chief of police and the deputy policeman, the city council may, by resolution, prescribe such other duties and regulate the hours of service of said officers as they may deem proper. [1919 Comp. §22].

2.28.040 Deputy policeman – Hours.

The city council shall by motion or resolution, fix the hours of service of the deputy policeman, and he shall conform therewith in order to be entitled to his salary. [1919 Comp. §27].

2.28.050 Deputy policeman – Authority.

The deputy policeman shall have full police authority when on duty for the city. [1919 Comp. §26].

2.28.060 Arrests and warrants.

When any peace officer of Palouse is informed of the commission of an offense in said city, he shall arrest the offender if known and take him before the police justice or any other court having jurisdiction for trial; provided, that if no complaint is made in writing under oath within 12 hours from his arrest, such person shall be discharged; provided further, that in all cases where a complaint is made in writing under oath before the police justice and the offender is still at large, a warrant shall be issued for his arrest. [1919 Comp. §30].

2.28.070 Police justice – Compensation.

The compensation of the police justice shall be paid monthly at the end of each month upon warrants drawn upon the clerk-treasurer, the same as other bills are paid, and the same shall be based upon detail reports which shall be furnished by the police justice at the end of each month, which reports shall be passed upon by the finance committee of the city council and audited as other claims are audited. [1919 Comp. §33].