Chapter 2.32


2.32.010    Position established.

2.32.020    Duties.

2.32.030    Assistant public works superintendent – Duties.

*For statutory provisions regarding city officers, see RCW 35.23.021.

2.32.010 Position established.

There is established the position of public works superintendent, who shall be selected and replaced by the city council. [Ord. 460 §1, 1974].

2.32.020 Duties.

The public works superintendent shall be responsible for:

A. General maintenance and repair of all city streets, city-owned sidewalks and bridges;

B. General maintenance and repair of all city-owned water and sewer facilities;

C. Care and maintenance of the swimming pool, cemetery and all city-owned parks;

D. Maintenance, repair and operation of all designated city-owned equipment;

E. General care of all city-owned buildings;

F. Reporting preceding month’s activities and proposed future projects to the monthly meeting of the city council. Proposed projects shall have the approval of the city council;

G. Keeping time and material records for each job;

H. Keeping inventory of supplies on hand;

I. Keeping records of vacation and sick leave time;

J. Caring for emergencies when necessary;

K. Performing duties outlined in other city ordinances pertaining to the public works department. [Ord. 460 §2, 1974].

2.32.030 Assistant public works superintendent – Duties.

The assistant public works superintendent(s) shall work under the direction of the superintendent, and in the absence of the superintendent shall be responsible for performing the above-named duties. [Ord. 460 §3, 1974].