Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Councilmen – Continuance of term.

2.40.020    Councilmen – Election at large.

*For statutory provisions regarding notice of election, see RCW 29.27.080; for statutory provisions regarding city elections and terms of office, see RCW 35.23.051.

2.40.010 Councilmen – Continuance of term.

Each city councilman presently serving in such capacity by virtue of previous election shall continue to hold office until the expiration of the regular term of each such councilman. [Ord. 447 §2, 1973].

2.40.020 Councilmen – Election at large.

Hereafter, at the expiration of the present term of any council position, a replacement for said council position, or the incumbent councilman, shall be elected or re-elected without regard to previous ward divisions, by all of the qualified voters voting at city council elections on an at large basis, in a manner provided by then applicable laws of the state. [Ord. 447 §3, 1973].