Chapter 2.12


Article I. Fire Chief

2.12.010    Appointment.

2.12.020    Compensation.

2.12.030    Duties.

Article II. Fire Department

2.12.040    Established.

2.12.050    Compensation.

2.12.060    Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Relief and Pension Fund Act.

2.12.070    Enrollment of volunteer fire fighters—Death, disability, retirement benefits.

Article III. Regulations

2.12.080    Obstruction of fire hydrant unlawful.

2.12.090    Driving over hose unlawful.

2.12.100    Equipment to be handled by fire department only.

2.12.110    Premises to be kept clear of rubbish or combustible material.

2.12.120    Violation—Penalty.

Article I. Fire Chief

2.12.010 Appointment.

The mayor shall appoint a fire chief whose position shall be that of the chief of the fire department and who shall have general charge and direction of the fire department; and the mayor shall also appoint one or more deputy fire chiefs who shall assist the fire chief and act under his or her control and supervision, which fire chief and deputy fire chiefs shall hold office at the pleasure of the mayor. (Ord. 662 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 147 § 1, 1946)

2.12.020 Compensation.

The fire chief shall receive as compensation for his or her services three hundred dollars ($300.00) per month. The fire chief may also receive such additional compensation as authorized by the city council in the event of an emergency or disaster if funds are available through local, state or federal agencies or sources. (Ord. 730 § 1, 2015: Ord. 721 § 1(A), 2014: Ord. 662 § 1, 2007: Ord. 03-622 § 1, 2003: Ord. 498 § 1, 1991: Ord. 493 § 1, 1991: Ord. 425 § 1(A), 1985: Ord. 260 § 1(A), 1966: Ord. 147 § 3, 1946)

2.12.030 Duties.

A.    The fire chief shall have the custody, subject to the direction of the mayor and council, of all the property and equipment of the fire department, and shall keep the same in proper condition at all times.

B.    The fire chief shall have sole and absolute control and command of all persons connected with the fire department of the city, and shall possess full power and authority over its organization, government and discipline, and to that end may prescribe and establish, from time to time, such rules and regulations as he or she may deem advisable by and with the consent of the mayor and council. During absence of the fire chief, his or her deputy or deputies shall assume the office of fire chief.

C.    The fire chief shall inquire into the cause of all fires which may occur in the city, as soon as may be after they occur, and cause to be kept, a record of his or her proceedings in each case and to file the same or a copy thereof in the office of the city clerk, and shall report to the council his or her proceedings, and on the condition and affairs of the fire department, as often as directed by the mayor, and at least twice a year.

D.    The fire chief shall have power to cause the removal of any property whenever it shall become necessary, for the preservation of such property from fire, or to prevent the spreading of fire or to protect adjoining property; and may cut down and remove any building, structure or fence.

E.    The fire chief and his or her deputies shall be vested with the usual powers and authority of peace officers.

F.    It shall be the duty of the fire chief to keep a record of the time of members at drill and fires.

(Ord. 662 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 147 §§ 2, 5—8, 10, 1946)

Article II. Fire Department

2.12.040 Established.

There is established and created the fire department of the city, which shall consist of not more than twenty-five (25) members, including the fire chief and his or her deputies, each member to be over twenty-one (21) years of age and to be appointed by the mayor on recommendation of the fire chief. Each member shall serve at the pleasure of the fire chief. It shall be the policy of the fire department to maintain the membership at the maximum number allowable, at all times. (Ord. 662 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 147 § 4, 1946)

2.12.050 Compensation.

The members of the Pateros volunteer fire department, other than the fire chief, shall be compensated for their services as follows:

A.    Five dollars ($5.00) for reporting for drills/training/meetings.

B.    Ten dollars ($10.00) for reporting for each fire, fire alarm, or assisting at a call for emergency medical aid.

C.    Such additional compensation as authorized by the city council, if available through local, state or federal agencies or sources for emergency or disaster relief.

(Ord. 770 § 1, 2019: Ord. 721 § 1(B), 2014: Ord. 03-622 § 2, 2003; Ord. 502, 1991: Ord. 425 § 1(B), 1985: Ord. 147 § 9, 1946)

2.12.060 Volunteer Fire Fighter’s Relief and Pension Fund Act.

A.    Defined. The fire chief, his or her deputies, and all other members of the fire department shall be deemed to be a “fire fighter” as defined by RCW 41.24.010(2).

B.    Established. The municipal fire fighter’s relief and pension system, created, established and set forth in Chapter 41.24 RCW, is established in the city. All other provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW are by this reference incorporated herein. Any and all amendments to Chapter 41.24 RCW or any section thereof shall likewise by this reference be constituted amendments hereof, without the necessity of further adoption by the city council.

C.    Board of Trustees. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW, there is created and established a board of trustees for the administration of Chapter 41.24 RCW insofar as the same is applicable to the city. The board shall consist of the mayor, city clerk, one council member of the city, the fire chief of the fire department, and one member of the fire department to be elected by the members of such fire department, for a term of one year and annually thereafter.

    The mayor shall be the chairman of the board of trustees, and the city clerk shall be secretary and treasurer of the board of trustees. The secretary shall keep a public record of all proceedings of all receipts and disbursements made by the board of trustees, and shall make an annual report of its expenses and disbursements, with a full list of the beneficiaries of the fund with the city, such records to be placed and filed with the city clerk.

D.    Duties of the Board of Trustees. The board of trustees shall provide for enrollment of all members of its fire department under the death and disability provisions hereof; receive all applications for enrollment under the retirement provisions hereof; provide for disbursements of relief and compensation; determine the eligibility of fire fighters for pensions; and pass on all claims and direct payment thereof from the fire fighter’s relief and pension fund to those entitled thereto. Vouchers shall be issued to the person entitled thereto by the board. The board shall perform such other duties as prescribed by applicable law, ordinance or resolution, including Chapter 41.24 RCW.

E.    Authority of Board of Trustees. The board of trustees shall have such authority as prescribed herein, and as provided in Chapter 41.24 RCW.

F.    Board Meetings. The board shall set a regular monthly meeting day. The board of trustees shall meet on the call of the chairman on the set regular monthly meeting day when there is business to come before it. The chairman shall be required to call a meeting on any regular day at the request of any member of the fund or his beneficiary claiming any relief, compensation or pension therefrom.

G.    Board Compensation. No compensation shall be paid to any member of the board of trustees in the performance of their duties or responsibilities required by law, ordinance or resolution.

H.    Quorum. A majority of the board of trustees shall constitute a quorum. No claim shall be allowed where a majority of the board has not voted favorably on the claim.

I.    Employment of Examining Physician. The board of trustees shall make provisions for the employment of a regularly licensed practicing physician for the examination of members of the fire department making application for membership. The appointed physician shall perform such services and operations and render all medical aid and care necessary for the recovery and treatment of fire fighters on account of injury, sickness or disability received while in the performance of duties and shall be paid for those services from the fund, but not in excess of the schedule of fees for like services approved by the Director of Labor and Industries and RCW Title 51. No physician, not approved by the board, shall receive or be entitled to any compensation from the fund as the private or attending physician of any fire fighter. No person shall have any right of action against the board of trustees of the fund for the negligence of any physician employed by it. Any physician employed by the board to attend upon any fire fighter shall report his or her findings in writing to the board.

(Ord. 662 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 04-634 § 1(A), 2004: Ord. 147 § 17, 1946)

2.12.070 Enrollment of volunteer fire fighters—Death, disability, retirement benefits.

Every fire fighter who is included under the relief and compensation provisions of Chapter 41.24 RCW is enrolled for the purpose of providing protection for all such fire fighters and their families from death or disability arising in the performance of their duties as fire fighters. The collection and payment of fees as provided by Chapter 41.24 RCW shall be made and continued by the city for all enrolled fire fighters as long as they shall continue to be members of the fire department. (Ord. 04-634 § 1(B), 2004: Ord. 147 § 18, 1946)

Article III. Regulations

2.12.080 Obstruction of fire hydrant unlawful.

It is unlawful to obstruct the use of a fire hydrant, or to have or place any material in front thereof, or within ten (10) feet from either side thereof; it is unlawful to park any vehicle in front of or within ten (10) feet of either side of a fire hydrant. (Ord. 147 § 11, 1946)

2.12.090 Driving over hose unlawful.

It is unlawful to drive any wagon, automobile, truck or other vehicle over any unprotected fire hose of the fire department of the city, when laid down on any street or alley to be used at any fire or alarm of fire, without the consent of the fire chief. (Ord. 662 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 147 § 12, 1946)

2.12.100 Equipment to be handled by fire department only.

It is unlawful for any person other than a regularly enrolled member of the fire department, or someone accompanied by such member of the fire department, or acting by authority of the fire chief or a duly authorized deputy fire chief, to use, take or handle any apparatus, implement, machinery or equipment of the fire department. (Ord. 662 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 147 § 13, 1946)

2.12.110 Premises to be kept clear of rubbish or combustible material.

A.    It is the duty of the fire chief and police chief to inspect all premises in the city, and report any accumulation of rubbish or combustible material to the owner and city council.

B.    It is the duty of the owner or tenant of premises, to keep the same free and clear of rubbish and combustible material, and when notified of the presence of the same by the fire chief and/or police chief, it shall be removed forthwith, and if not so removed it may be removed under the direction of the fire chief or police chief and at the cost of the property owner or tenant.

(Ord. 662 § 2 (part), 2007; Ord. 147 §§ 14, 15, 1946)

2.12.120 Violation—Penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine not in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00), or imprisonment for not more than thirty (30) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 147 § 16, 1946)