Chapter 2.24


2.24.010    Authorization to use credit cards for purchases and authorized travel.

2.24.020    Application.

2.24.030    Approved uses for purchasing on credit cards.

2.24.040    Purchasing restrictions with credit cards.

2.24.050    Reporting credit charges.

2.24.060    Reporting credit charges relating to authorized travel.

2.24.070    Use of credit card for unauthorized charges or travel.

2.24.010 Authorization to use credit cards for purchases and authorized travel.

The departments, officials and employees of the city are authorized to use credit cards for official city purchases, acquisitions and authorized travel. The purchasing card is to be used when an open charge account is not available. (Ord. 98-566 § 1, 1998)

2.24.020 Application.

The city clerk, or the designee, shall apply for credit cards. Cards shall be issued to the mayor and department heads. All other cards shall be held with the city clerk and will be issued on an “as needed” basis. Prior approval of the mayor or authorized department head will be required. The credit limit on each card will be set at two thousand dollars ($2,000.00). (Ord. 737 § 1(A), 2016: Ord. 98-566 § 2, 1998)

2.24.030 Approved uses for purchasing on credit cards.

Credit cards may be used for the following purchases:

A.    To purchase supplies only if an open charge account is not available. Charges for supplies cannot exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000.00) per order;

B.    Registrations for classes, seminars or workshops with the signed approval from the mayor;

C.    Other items specifically authorized by the mayor or appointed designee;

D.    Covering expenses relating to authorized travel. Authorized travel expenses, reimbursements and travel restrictions are further defined in the employee guidelines.

(Ord. 737 § 1(B), 2016: Ord. 98-566 § 3, 1998)

2.24.040 Purchasing restrictions with credit cards.

The following uses are not authorized purchases or uses for city credit cards:

A.    Cash advances of any kind;

B.    Payment of invoices or statements.

(Ord. 98-566 § 4, 1998)

2.24.050 Reporting credit charges.

After using the credit card for an approved purchase, the department will code the receipt and submit to the city clerk within three business days. The city clerk shall pay all properly coded and submitted charges on a monthly basis. (Ord. 98-566 § 5, 1998)

2.24.060 Reporting credit charges relating to authorized travel.

If a credit card is used for the purposes of covering expenses relating to authorized travel, upon billing, or no later than thirty (30) days of the billing date, the official or employee using a credit card issued pursuant to this chapter shall submit a fully itemized travel expense voucher. (Ord. 98-566 § 6, 1998)

2.24.070 Use of credit card for unauthorized charges or travel.

Any charges against the credit card not properly identified on a credit card statement, itemized travel expense voucher, or not properly allowed following a post audit required under RCW 42.24.080, shall be paid by the official or employee by check, U.S. currency, or salary deduction. If, for any reason, disallowed charges are not repaid by the official or employee before the credit card billing is due and payable, the city shall have a prior lien against, and a right to withhold any and all funds payable or to become payable to the official or employee, up to an amount of the disallowed charges and interest at the same rate as charged by the company which issued the credit card. Any official or employee who has been issued a credit card by the city shall not use the card if any disallowed charges are outstanding, and shall surrender the card upon demand by the city or an auditing officer. The city shall have unlimited authority to revoke use of any credit card issued, and upon such revocation order being delivered to the credit card company, shall not be liable for any costs. (Ord. 98-566 § 7, 1998)