Chapter 8.20


8.20.010    Permit required.

8.20.020    Conditions of permit.

8.20.030    Permit fee.

8.20.040    Burning after sundown.

8.20.050    Burning barrels unlawful.

8.20.060    Fire chief may declare high fire risk and limit burning.

8.20.010 Permit required.

It is unlawful for any person to burn any rubbish, trash or other waste material within the corporate limits of the city or to set any fire therein, without obtaining a permit to do so from the chief of the fire department of said city. (Ord. 531A § 1, 1994)

8.20.020 Conditions of permit.

All conditions on said permit must be met by permittee, as follows:




In accordance with the laws of the State of Washington and the City of Pateros, the undersigned is granted permission to burn: __________________________ at the place described on this permit. __________________________________________


1)    ___ Construct a firebreak feet wide to mineral earth around material to be burned before lighting fire.

2)    ___ Have a minimum of ___ persons in attendance at the fire while burning.

3)    ___ Provide the following water requirements: ______________________________________.

4)    Permittee must not leave fire unattended until extinguished.

5)    The fire may contain only vegetation. It is illegal to burn garbage, paper, cardboard, painted or treated wood, plastic or petroleum products.

6)    Any fire which contains materials other than those listed under item 5, which creates dense smoke or offensive odors, requires written permission from the local air pollution authority of the Department of Ecology.

7)    If the fire creates a nuisance from smoke or fly ash, it must be extinguished.

8)    The permit may be suspended or canceled by this Department when deemed necessary for the protection of life, property or air quality.

9)    Burn barrels will not be allowed.

10)    This permit is canceled if Burn Ban is in effect.

11)    The permittee agrees to bear all expenses of fire suppression if it escapes from any cause and to pay the Department, or other approved fire fighting agency, for all reasonable expenses incurred in such suppression.

12)    Permittee is allowed to burn during daylight hours only. Any person violating the provisions shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed ($100.00)

13)    A copy of the Burning Permit Ordinance is attached.

Date issued _____, 19__ THIS PERMIT EXPIRES _____, 19___

TO: _____________________ Telephone No. ____

(Print Name of Permittee)

X _________________ Title __________________

(Permittee Signature)    (Owner, Lessee, Etc.)

Address ______ City ______ State _____ Zip _____

Issued by __________________________________

(City Fire Chief)

Telephone number to get a permit 923-2571


(Ord. 531A § 4, 1994)

8.20.030 Permit fee.

The cost of a burning permit shall be ten dollars per year. Each year will run from January 1st through December 31st. (Ord. 531A § 7, 1994)

8.20.040 Burning after sundown.

A.    It is unlawful for any person to burn any debris, including, but not limited to, leaves, brush, weeds, branches and similar material from sunset to sunrise,

B.    The fire chief, through the fire department, may do controlled burns within the city limits after sundown at his or her discretion. This will be done at the property owner’s request and permission.

(Ord. 531A §§ 2, 6, 1994)

8.20.050 Burning barrels unlawful.

It is unlawful to use a burning barrel to burn any debris, including, but not limited to, leaves, brush, weeds, branches and similar material. (Ord. 531A § 3, 1994)

8.20.060 Fire chief may declare high fire risk and limit burning.

The fire chief for the city shall have the authority to declare high risk times and may, by public proclamation, limit burning throughout the entire city limits, or any portion of the city at his or her discretion. In the event the fire chief declares a time period to be high fire risk, no burning shall be conducted in designated portions of the city except upon the specific approval of the fire chief. Any person knowingly violating such proclamation shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) in addition to the cost of extinguishing any burning debris. (Ord. 531A § 5, 1994)