Chapter 14.24


14.24.010    Purpose of this chapter and adoption.

14.24.010 Purpose of this chapter and adoption.

This chapter contains rules for using and supplementing existing environmental documents prepared under SEPA or National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for the city’s own environmental compliance. The city adopts by reference the following sections of Chapter 197-11 of the Washington Administrative Code, as now existing or as hereafter amended:

WAC    197-11-164    Planned actions-Definition and criteria.

197-11-168    Ordinances or resolutions designating planned actions-Procedures for adoption.

197-11-172    Planned actions-Project review.

197-11-600    When to use existing environmental documents.

197-11-610    Use of NEPA documents.

197-11-620    Supplemental environmental impact statement-Procedures.

197-11-625    Addenda-Procedures.

197-11-630    Adoption-Procedures.

197-11-635    Incorporation by reference- Procedures.

197-11-640    Combining documents.

(Ord. 98-567 § 5.1, 1998)