Chapter 15.08


15.08.010    Adopted.

15.08.010 Adopted.

The Northwest Energy Code (June 1987 Version, CABO Format), which includes the Model Conservation Standards Equivalent Code amendments to the Model Energy Code, a Technical Appendix, additional indoor air quality requirements (as set forth in the Bonneville Power Administration’s Solicitation # PS-79089-BP93000), and Conversion Standards as the same may be modified during the period the aforementioned standards are in force, is adopted by this reference for application with respect to new residential construction using electrical space heating, new commercial buildings using electric space conditioning and electric lighting (except that commercial buildings which are not electrically space conditioned shall only be required to comply with Section 505 of said Northwest Energy Code and provided that, for commercial buildings, ventilation requirements contained in Section 305 of the Washington State Energy Code shall be the applicable standard), and to any buildings constructed after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter which at the time of construction are not required by the terms of this chapter to comply with the Model Conservation Standards but which are subsequently converted to provide electric space heating or conditioning.

Notwithstanding any language found in the State Energy Code, the State Energy Code shall only apply to that construction not otherwise covered by the Northwest Energy Code, as adopted by the city. (Ord. 482 §§ 1, 3, 1989)