Chapter 16.20


16.20.010    Time limit for submission.

16.20.020    Required form.

16.20.030    Procedures—Generally.

16.20.040    Review and action.

16.20.050    Time limit for recording.

16.20.010 Time limit for submission.

The final plat shall be submitted to the city council within five years of the date of preliminary plat approval. An applicant who files a written request with the administrator at least thirty (30) days before the expiration of this five-year period may be granted a single one-year extension upon a showing that the applicant has attempted in good faith to submit the final plat within the five-year period. (Ord. 98-570 § 5.01, 1998)

16.20.020 Required form.

A.    An original and four copies of the final plat and other exhibits required for approval shall be submitted to the administrator and shall be accompanied by a written request for approval of the final plat, and shall be accompanied by the final plat processing fees as specified in the adopted fee resolution.

B.    The final plat shall be drawn on stable base Mylar or equivalent material at such a scale as to make a map a minimum of eighteen (18) inches wide by twenty-four (24) inches long and shall be at a scale of at least one inch equals one hundred (100) feet unless the administrator requests or authorizes a different scale. Where necessary, the plat may be on several sheets, including match lines, accompanied by an index sheet showing the entire subdivision.

C.    The final plat shall conform substantially to the preliminary plat and shall incorporate any conditions approved by the city council. Any required signatures shall be in permanent black ink on the original document to be filed. In addition, the final plat shall show clearly the following information:

1.    A complete survey of the section or sections necessary to establish the corner(s) of the quarter section in which the plat is located or as much thereof as may be necessary to properly orient the plat within such section or sections. The survey shall be submitted with complete field notes, or copies thereof, and computations showing original or reestablished corners. Included shall be descriptions of, and reference ties to, all corners. There shall be field notes of traverse showing error of closure and method of balancing, with sketch showing all distances, bearings and calculations required to determine corners and traverse distance of the plat. The allowable error of closure shall not exceed one foot in ten thousand (10,000) feet;

2.    Tract boundary lines, property lines of lots, open space, other sites and other rights-of-way, with accurate dimensions, bearing or deflection angles, and radii, arcs and central angles of all curves. If the plat constitutes a replat, the lots, blocks, streets, etc., of the original plat shall be shown by dotted lines in their proper positions in relation to the new arrangement of the plat, the new plat being so clearly shown in solid lines as to avoid any ambiguity;

3.    Name and right-of-way width of each street, easement or other right-of-way;

4.    Location, dimensions, beneficiary and purpose of any easements;

5.    Number to identify each lot or site and block;

6.    Purpose for which sites, other than residential lots, are dedicated or reserved;

7.    Location and description of monuments existing or set. Permanent control monuments shall be established at each controlling corner of the boundaries of the parcel of land being subdivided. The public works director shall determine the number and location of permanent control monuments within the plat;

8.    Reference to recorded subdivision plats of adjoining platted land by record name, date and number and the lines and names of all existing or platted streets or other public ways, parks, playgrounds, other public lands, and easements adjacent to the final plat, subdivision or dedication, including municipal boundaries, township lines and section lines;

9.    A certification by a PLS (professional land surveyor) in a form acceptable to the city that the plat is a true representation of the lands actually surveyed;

10.    Appropriate certificate indicating consent by all those persons having ownership rights in the property in a format acceptable to the city;

11.    A certificate in a format acceptable to the city regarding participation in any irrigation district;

12.    Lines showing the extent of any flood hazard areas and/or areas of jurisdiction under the Pateros shoreline management plan;

13.    All streets, rights-of-way, easement for private, semi-private or public use;

14.    Certificate from the county treasurer that all taxes and delinquent assessments for which the property may be liable as of the date of certification by the treasurer have been fully paid;

15.    Certification of approval by the public works director, acting on behalf of the city, as to the survey data, layout of streets, alleys and other rights-of-way, design of bridges, sewage and water systems, and other structures;

16.    Certification of approval by the mayor;

17.    Acknowledgment from the public works director as to the adequacy of the proposed means of sewage disposal and water supply;

18.    Title, scale, north arrow and date;

19.    Certification by the public works director that the subdivider has either:

a.    Completed improvements in accordance with the requirements of the preliminary plat; or

b.    Provided acceptable surety for such improvements as provided in Section 16.36.060 of this title.

20.    Such other certificates, affidavits or endorsements as may be required by city council in the enforcement of these regulations; and

21.    A copy of any proposed covenants to be recorded with the proposed subdivision.

(Ord. 98-570 § 5.02, 1998)

16.20.030 Procedures—Generally.

A.    The procedures set forth in this section through Section 16.20.050 of this chapter shall be followed in submission and approval of final plats. Public meetings or required hearings pertaining to the plat may be combined with any public meeting or open record public hearing that may be required by another local, state, regional federal or other agency.

B.    Final plats shall be approved, approved with conditions, or denied within thirty (30) days of an application being deemed complete unless the applicant consents to an extension of such time period, provided that if the final plat represents substantial alteration to the approved preliminary plat, as determined by the administrator, this timeline may be emended an additional thirty (30) days to allow for a public hearing and supplemental SEPA compliance, if necessary.

C.    Within fourteen (14) days of receiving an application for final plat approval, the administrator shall inform the applicant, in writing, whether or not the application is complete. If additional information is necessary to complete the submittal, the administrator shall specify the information that is needed.

D.    Once the administrator determines the application is complete and includes all information described in Section 16.20.040 of this chapter, he or she shall notify the applicant in writing that the application is complete. In the notice, the administrator shall also indicate whether the final plat proposal shall require a public hearing due to substantial alteration.

(Ord. 98-570 § 5.03, 1998)

16.20.040 Review and action.

A.    The administrator shall review the final plat for conformance to conditions imposed on the approved preliminary plat, and shall present his or her findings to the city council in a staff report.

B.    The city council shall consider the final plat at a public meeting. Notice of the date, time and location of the public meeting shall be given to the subdivider, surveyor, public works director, and the Okanogan County health officer at least seven days prior to the date of the public meeting.

C.    When the city council finds that the final subdivision conforms to all terms of the preliminary subdivision approval and that the requirements of this title, and Chapter 58.17 RCW, as both these regulations were in effect at the time of preliminary plat approval, the city council shall authorize the mayor to sign the final plat, which signature shall indicate official city approval. The subdivision shall be governed by the terms of final plat unless the city council finds that a change in conditions creates a serious threat to the public health or safety in the subdivision at which time the council may take any action needed for correction.

(Ord. 98-570 § 5.04, 1998)

16.20.050 Time limit for recording.

The final plat shall be recorded with the county auditor within sixty (60) days following the date of approval by the city council. If the subdivider fails to file the final plat prior to the expiration of the above time period, it shall be resubmitted in accordance with Chapter 16.16 of this title. (Ord. 98-570 § 5.05, 1998)