Chapter 16.24


16.24.010    Procedures—Generally.

16.24.020    Processing and review.

16.24.030    Assessment districts.

16.24.040    Affected dedicated land.

16.24.050    Drawings and filing.

16.24.010 Procedures—Generally.

When any person is interested in the alteration of any final plat or portion thereof, except as provided under Section 16.04.060(D) of this chapter, Exemptions, that person shall submit an application to the administrator on an application form provided by the city, including a legibly drawn representation of the plat as it presently exists and of the proposed alteration, both to scale. The submitted application shall be accompanied by the following:

A.    The signatures of a majority of those persons having ownership interest of lots, tracts, parcels, sites or divisions in the subject subdivision or portion to be altered; and

B.    If the subdivision is subject to restrictive covenants which were filed in conjunction with the subdivision, and the application for alteration would result in a violation of a covenant, the application shall contain an agreement signed by all parties subject to the covenants providing that the parties agree to terminate or alter the relevant covenants to accomplish the purpose of the alteration of the subdivision or portion thereof.

(Ord. 98-570 § 6.01, 1998)

16.24.020 Processing and review.

Plat alterations shall be subject to the same processing procedures, time lines, notice, fees, review and approval, as a preliminary plat. A completed application shall include those items required for a preliminary plat, as applicable. In addition to those notice requirements provided in Section 16.16.070(C) of this chapter, all persons within the subdivision shall also be notified. (Ord. 98-570 § 6.02, 1998)

16.24.030 Assessment districts.

If any land within an alteration is part of a assessment district, any outstanding assessments shall be equitably divided and levied against the remaining lots, parcels, or tracts, or be levied equitably on the lots resulting from the alteration. (Ord. 98-570 § 6.03, 1998)

16.24.040 Affected dedicated land.

If any land within the alteration contains a dedication to the general use of persons residing within the subdivision, such land may be altered and divided equitably between the adjacent properties. (Ord. 98-570 § 6.04, 1998)

16.24.050 Drawings and filing.

After approval of the alteration, the applicant shall produce the revised drawing on stable base mylar or equivalent material, stamped by a licensed surveyor which, after signatures of the authorities whose approval appeared on the original plat, shall be filed with the county auditor to become the lawful plat of the property. (Ord. 98-570 § 6.05, 1998)