Chapter 16.36


16.36.010    Developer responsible for costs.

16.36.020    Improvements required.

16.36.030    Inspections.

16.36.040    Utility capacities planned.

16.36.050    Plan of completed improvements.

16.36.060    Surety.

16.36.010 Developer responsible for costs.

Unless otherwise agreed to by the city and developer, all costs for improvements shall be the responsibility of the developer. (Ord. 98-570 § 9.01, 1998)

16.36.020 Improvements required.

All subdivisions and binding site plans shall be provided with street, sidewalk, water, sewer and storm drainage improvements. Improvements shall be built in conformance with the requirements of the city development standards manual. These standards shall be minimum standards. (Ord. 98-570 § 9.02, 1998)

16.36.030 Inspections.

Improvements shall be inspected as specified in the city development standards manual. It shall be the responsibility of the developer to notify the city in advance of required inspections. Failure to comply will necessitate appropriate testing by a materials laboratory, and/or furnishing of certified bills for all materials. In the event this action is necessary, no further work will be performed until all tests have been completed and all corrections are made to the satisfaction of the city. Inspections for different utilities may be combined with the prior agreement of the city. (Ord. 98-570 § 9.03, 1998)

16.36.040 Utility capacities planned.

The capacities and dimensions of water, sewage, drainage, and street facilities shall be adequate to provide for the future needs of other undeveloped properties in the general vicinity. The developer shall be responsible only for the cost of those improvements needed to serve the subdivision. The city may share in the cost of these improvements to the extent of the difference in cost between the capacities needed to serve the subdivision and the capacities required to serve the vicinity, or other arrangements such as latecomer agreements may be made by mutual agreement. (Ord. 98-570 § 9.04, 1998)

16.36.050 Plan of completed improvements.

Plan and profile drawings, on material, scale, and size specified in the city design standards manual shall be prepared by the subdivider and filed with the city upon completion of the improvements. (Ord. 98-570 § 9.05, 1998)

16.36.060 Surety.

In lieu of the completion of the actual construction of any required improvements prior to the approval of a final plat, the city council may accept a bond, in an amount and with surety and conditions satisfactory to the city council and city attorney, or other secure method, providing for and securing to the city the actual construction and installation of such improvements within a time period specified by the city council and expressed in the bond(s) or other security. In addition, bonds or other security may be required by the city council securing to the city the successful operation and maintenance of all improvements for one year after acceptance by the city of the completed plat improvements. (Ord. 98-570 § 9.06, 1998)