Chapter 2.49


2.49.010    Created.

2.49.020    Purpose.

2.49.030    Composition.

2.49.040    Terms of Office.

2.49.050    Vacancies – Removal from Office.

2.49.060    Quorum – Voting Privileges.

2.49.070    Funding Priorities.

2.49.080    Minimum Funding Amount.

2.49.090    Recommendations.

2.49.100    Staff Support.

2.49.010 Created.

The Proposal Evaluation Committee for Senior Center Services is created and shall hereafter in this Chapter be referred to as the Committee. The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Pierce County Executive and confirmed by a majority of the Pierce County Council, pursuant to Section 3.30 of the Pierce County Charter. (Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.020 Purpose.

The Committee shall make recommendations to the County Council on funding for senior center services that receive funding directly from the County's general fund. The Committee shall not have authority to make recommendations on State and Federal sources of funding for senior center services. (Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.030 Composition.

The Committee shall be comprised of five members who have a wide range of expertise and perspectives on senior services: two members from the Aging and Disability Resources Advisory Board; two members with senior center programs and activities expertise, or expertise in the field of healthy aging; and one member with financial expertise in senior center programs and activities. (Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.040 Terms of Office.

All members of the Committee shall be appointed for two-year terms. No member of the Committee shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive full terms. (Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.050 Vacancies – Removal from Office.

Vacancies occurring for any reason shall be filled by appointment for the remainder of the term. All appointments shall be accomplished pursuant to Section 3.30 of the Pierce County Charter. The Executive may remove any member of the Committee for inefficiency, neglect of duty, malfeasance, or three unexcused absences in one year, subject to confirmation by a majority of the Council. (Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.060 Quorum – Voting Privileges.

A quorum of the Committee for the purpose of transacting business shall be three members. Each member of the Committee shall be entitled to one vote on any matter duly before the body. Members shall abstain from voting on matters that create a conflict of interest with their professional role or with the organization they represent. (Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.070 Funding Priorities.

The priorities for funding of these senior center services shall include a deference to programs and activities provided in unincorporated areas of the County and consideration for senior center services that demonstrate the ability to consistently deliver high quality, cost-effective programs that improve the health, well-being and independence of vulnerable populations. High quality programs are those that:

A.    Respond to the needs and interests of a diverse population of older adults from different cultural, generational and socioeconomic backgrounds, and with increasingly complex social and physical needs;

B.    Offer and encourage participation in evidence-based programs;

C.    Employ strategies to increase participation from older adults who do not regularly attend senior centers including, but not limited to, those who do not have access to a senior center in their neighborhood; and those whose language and culture may present a challenge to participation;

D.    Build upon neighborhood strengths and community assets;

E.    Develop partnerships that leverage and fully utilize existing resources, and which are supported by diverse and sustainable funding streams; and

F.    Hire and retain quality staff and provide opportunities to develop local leaders/volunteers to support the center and the community.

(Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.080 Minimum Funding Amount.

Senior Center Services in unincorporated Pierce County shall receive a minimum funding amount as recommended by the Committee and approved by the County Council, provided they complete the application process. (Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.090 Recommendations.

Recommendations shall be accomplished in the following manner:

A.    Applications are to be evaluated on a competitive basis and are scored according to, but not limited to, demonstrations of financial need; programs and activities provided; experience providing senior center services to older adults with the greatest social and economic need; involvement of the community participants in the programming, needs assessment and evaluation; and demonstrated ability of the applicant to implement and administer the program.

B.    Funding recommendations shall give deference to programs and activities provided in unincorporated areas of the County.

C.    Funding recommendations shall require the affirmative vote of at least three members of the Committee before being forwarded to the County Council.

D.    Funding recommendations will be presented to the County Council for annual approval.

(Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)

2.49.100 Staff Support.

To the extent required and necessary, the Pierce County Human Services Department shall provide staff support to the Committee. (Ord. 2019-22 §1 (part), 2019)