Chapter 2.76


2.76.010    Definitions.

2.76.020    Duties and Functions.

2.76.010 Definitions.

"Planning Agency" means the Pierce County Planning and Public Works Department together with its Planning Commission as authorized pursuant to the Pierce County Charter. (Ord. 2017-12s § 2 (part), 2017; Ord. 95-27S § 1 (part), 1995; Ord. 89-170 § 1, 1989; Ord. 85-51 § 1 (part), 1985; prior Code § 61.05.010)

2.76.020 Duties and Functions.

The Planning Agency shall:

A.    Prepare a Comprehensive Plan for the orderly physical development of the County which shall contain the required elements set forth in RCW 36.70A.070 and Title 19A PCC and otherwise comply with the requirements of the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A);

B.    Monitor, review, and evaluate the Comprehensive Plan and its implementation and, upon its own motion, or by Resolution of the Council, prepare amendments to the Comprehensive Plan pursuant to Chapter 19C.10 PCC which will amplify, augment, or extend the Plan and comply with the requirements of RCW 36.70A;

C.    Review and evaluate the Development Regulations that implement the Comprehensive Plan and, upon its own motion or by Resolution of the Council, prepare and recommend to the Council adoption of, or amendment to, Development Regulations and such other regulations, programs, or legislation of area-wide applicability which shall be consistent with and implement the Comprehensive Plan, preserve its integrity, and assure its systematic execution. After the initial adoption, Development Regulations may be amended or augmented as deemed necessary to maintain consistency with and implement the Comprehensive Plan;

D.    Review and report to the Council on whether the Capital Facilities Element or any amendment to the Capital Facilities Element is consistent with all other elements of the Plan;

E.    Consider and make recommendations to the Council on applications for current use assessment pursuant to RCW Chapter 84.34;

F.    Prepare and recommend to the Council interim zoning as is deemed necessary. Any interim zoning proposals shall be developed pursuant to RCW 36.70A.390;

G.    Report quarterly to the Planning and Environment Committee of the Council on the effectiveness of the Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations in managing growth, and include recommendations, if any, to improve the effectiveness of the Plan or Development Regulations;

H.    Perform such other duties as assigned by the County Council.

(Ord. 95-27S § 1 (part), 1995; Ord. 85-51 § 1 (part), 1985; prior Code § 61.05.020)