Chapter 2.98


2.98.010    Created.

2.98.020    Purpose.

2.98.030    Composition.

2.98.040    Functions and Purposes.

2.98.050    Organization.

2.98.010 Created.

The Pierce County Law and Justice Council (Council) is created pursuant to RCW 72.09.300. For purposes of this Council, the appointment process and term limitation as set forth in Section 3.30 of the Pierce County Charter shall not apply. (Ord. 2007-69s § 1 (part), 2007; Ord. 91-192 § 1 (part), 1992)

2.98.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the Council is to provide a forum where the agencies providing justice services in Pierce County can plan and coordinate activities and resource allocation toward the goals of maximization of local resources, reduction of duplication of services, and sharing of resources between the State of Washington and local governments in Pierce County. (Ord. 2007-69s § 1 (part), 1992; Ord. 91-192 § 1 (part), 1992)

2.98.030 Composition.

The Council shall consist of the following designated Officials:

A.    The Pierce County Sheriff

B.    The Police Chief of the City of Tacoma

C.    The President of the Pierce County Police Chiefs' Association

D.    The Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney

E.    A Representative of the County's Municipal Prosecutors

F.    A Representative of the Pierce County Council

G.    A Representative nominated by the Pierce County Cities and Towns Association, from a municipality other than Tacoma and Lakewood

H.    A Representative of the City of Lakewood

I.    A Representative of Pierce County Superior Court

J.    A Representative of Pierce County District Court

K.    A Representative of the Municipal Courts within the County

L.    The Pierce County Corrections Chief

M.    The Pierce County Clerk

N.    The Secretary of the Washington State Department of Corrections

O.    The Director of the Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel

P.    A Representative of the Pierce County Executive

Q.    The President of the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association

R.    The Pierce County Juvenile Court Administration

S.    The Director of the Safe Streets Program

T.    The Director (or designee) of the Pierce County Department responsible for information technology services

U.    The Pierce County Director of Community Services

V.    The Director of Pierce County Government Relations

W.    A Representative of the Tacoma City Council

X.    A Representative of the Tacoma City Manager

Y.    The Director of the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Z.    A Representative of the Washington State Patrol

AA.    A Representative of Pierce County Schools nominated by Puget Sound Educational Service District (No. 213)

BB.    A Representative of the Puyallup Tribe

CC.    The Pierce County Director of Human Services

Council Officials designated may appoint representatives.

(Ord. 2017-12s § 2 (part), 2017; Ord. 2007-69s § 1 (part), 2007; Ord. 2005-102 § 2 (part), 2006; Ord. 97-29 § 1 (part), 1997; Ord. 95-69 § 1 (part), 1995; Ord. 93-98 § 4 (part), 1993; Ord. 91-192 § 1 (part), 1992)

2.98.040 Functions and Purposes.

The Council may address any criminal justice issues including, but not limited to, the following: criminal justice resources, jail management, mechanisms for communication of information about offenders including the feasibility of shared database access between state and local government, transition of offenders into Pierce County, equitable offender program siting and maintenance, appropriateness of offender housing under zoning and other laws, assessment of reentry services, and state/local cooperation in supervising offenders.

The Council may also advise the County Council, County Executive, and other governmental entities and make such recommendations as it deems appropriate on matters relating to law and justice in Pierce County.

(Ord. 2007-69s § 1 (part), 2007; Ord. 91-192 § 1 (part), 1992)

2.98.050 Organization.

A.    The Council shall elect a Chair and any other officers deemed appropriate. The Council shall organize itself in such manner as it deems appropriate, consistent with this Chapter and RCW 72.09.300, including the adoption of rules and bylaws and the formation of subcommittees.

B.    There shall be a standing subcommittee of the Council known as the Law and Justice Community Oversight Subcommittee composed of each of the following or designee: a member of the Pierce County Council, the Pierce County Sheriff, the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney, a member of the Tacoma City Council, the Chief of the Tacoma Police Department, a representative of the Pierce County Police Chiefs Association, and the Secretary of the State Department of Corrections. In selecting a representative of the Pierce County Police Chiefs Association, consideration should be given to jurisdictions with the highest saturation of crime and the highest offender populations.

1.    The subcommittee shall have oversight of all issues involving transition of offenders into the community, including review of county of origin and other particulars of offenders released by the Department of Corrections, review of equitable offender program siting and maintenance, review of whether offender housing is appropriate under zoning and other laws, and contracting with the Department of Corrections for community control of offender placement in work release or residential reentry centers in Pierce County.

2.    The Pierce County Council shall retain or designate one employee who shall serve as staff to the Law and Justice Community Oversight Subcommittee and who shall systematically gather information concerning offender placement, housing, and programs, and concerning other issues identified by the subcommittee and who shall otherwise work and report as directed by the subcommittee.

(Ord. 2008-48 § 1, 2008; Ord. 2007-69s § 1 (part), 2007; Ord. 97-29 § 1 (part), 1997; Ord. 95-69 § 1 (part), 1995; Ord. 91-192 § 1 (part), 1992)