Chapter 2.99


2.99.010    Created.

2.99.020    Purpose.

2.99.030    Composition.

2.99.040    Functions and Purposes.

2.99.050    Commission Organization.

2.99.010 Created.

The Pierce County Commission Against Domestic Violence (Commission) is created pursuant to RCW 70.123.140. The appointment process and term limitations as set forth in Section 3.30 of the Pierce County Charter shall apply only to those positions which are community based. (PCC 2.99.030 B.) (Ord. 94-72 § 1 (part), 1994)

2.99.020 Purpose.

The Pierce County Commission Against Domestic Violence is a community action body committed to justice, accountability, and safety through collaboration, education, and prevention.

The purpose of the Commission is to reduce and prevent domestic violence through the development and implementation of a Comprehensive Domestic Violence Plan for Pierce County, for a coordinated response to domestic violence. The Plan shall offer a broad focus, including enhanced services to victims, survivors, batterers, and their families; improved criminal justice interdiction services; and prevention strategies aimed at creating community norms which promote violence-free families. The intent of the Commission is to reach out to all municipalities, interest groups, and professions to ensure a County-wide coordinated response to domestic violence. (Ord. 2008-77 § 1 (part), 2008; Ord. 94-72 § 1 (part), 1994)

2.99.030 Composition.

The Commission shall consist of up to 49 members, including 31 designated representatives of government and established organizations that have a continuing role in addressing domestic violence in Pierce County, and 18 community representatives as set forth below. Membership shall reflect a cross-section of citizens from Pierce County, including a broad geographical representation from the City of Tacoma, small cities and towns, unincorporated Pierce County, and appropriate ethnic, racial, and sexual orientation representation, with a mix of genders and ages.

A.    Designated Government and Organization Representatives:

1.    Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney, including Victim Witness Assistance Services

2.    Pierce County Sheriff's Department, including the Corrections Bureau

3.    Tacoma Police Department

4.    A Pierce County Councilmember

5.    A Tacoma City Councilmember

6.    Pierce County Cities and Towns Association

7.    Pierce County District Court, including District Court Probation

8.    Law Enforcement Support Agency (LESA Records/Communications)

9.    Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel

10.    Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

11.    Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

12.    Pierce County Community Services

13.    Aging and Long Term Care, Pierce County Human Services Department

14.    City of Tacoma Human Rights and Human Services Department

15.    Region V Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Children's Protective Services

16.    A Representative of the United States Military, Fort Lewis or McChord Family Advocacy Programs

17.    A Washington State Legislator

18.    Pierce County Juvenile Court Services

19.    The Tacoma City Attorney's Office

20.    Representatives of three Pierce County Cities and Towns that have domestic violence programs

21.    A Representative of a local Indian Nation

22.    YWCA Pierce County

23.    Korean Women's Association

24.    Our Sisters' House

25.    Indochinese Cultural Service Center

26.    Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County

27.    Domestic Violence Intervention Committee

28.    Representatives of two established organizations in Pierce County that provide domestic violence services and education in outlying areas.

B.    Community positions: To the extent possible, members should include, but not be limited to, shelter providers, perpetrator treatment programs, members of medical, educational, legal, religious, business, youth, and human services programs, along with survivors of domestic violence and, when appropriate, recovered batterers. Members should possess a broad array of perspectives and talents. Community members are appointed for a 4-year term, may serve a maximum of two consecutive full terms, and shall serve without compensation.

(Ord. 2008-77 § 1 (part), 2008; Ord. 2003-26 § 1, 2003; Ord. 98-99 § 1, 1998; Ord. 97-13 § 1, 1997; Ord. 94-72 § 1 (part), 1994)

2.99.040 Functions and Purposes.

A.    The Commission shall develop and oversee the implementation of a Comprehensive Domestic Violence Plan for Pierce County in accordance with the guidelines set forth in RCW 70.123.140. The general intent of the Plan shall be to ensure a coordinated community response system to domestic violence which maximizes local resources, reduces duplication of services, and shares resources between the public and private sectors. The Plan shall include prevention of domestic violence as part of the coordinated community response to domestic violence.

1.    Upon completion of the Plan, the Commission shall transmit it to the County Executive and the County Council. Upon approval by the County Council, the Plan shall be the Comprehensive Domestic Violence Plan for Pierce County.

2.    The Commission shall annually review the status of the Plan and the overall status of domestic violence issues in Pierce County.

3.    After the annual review, the Commission shall recommend changes, as needed, to the County Executive and County Council. Upon approval by the County Council, the changes will become part of the Plan.

B.    The Commission shall foster communications and coordination among the many groups providing domestic violence services and information. It shall support domestic violence information, education, and prevention efforts to reach all County citizens.

C.    The Commission shall serve as the County's central resource for activities against domestic violence, shall advise the County Council and County Executive, and make such recommendations as it deems appropriate on matters relating to domestic violence.

(Ord. 2008-77 § 1 (part), 2008; Ord. 94-72 § 1 (part), 1994)

2.99.050 Commission Organization.

The Commission shall elect a Chair and any other officers deemed appropriate. The Commission shall organize itself in such a manner as it deems appropriate, consistent with this Chapter and RCW 70.123.140, including the adoption of rules and bylaws, and the formation of subcommittees. (Ord. 2008-77 § 1 (part), 2008; Ord. 94-72 § 1 (part), 1994)