Chapter 3.28


3.28.010    Appointment.

3.28.020    Probationary Period.

3.28.010 Appointment.

The appointment of Career Service employees within the Executive Branch shall be accomplished by the Appointing Authority. The Appointing Authority is the official empowered with lawful authority by ordinance, law or Charter to appoint employees to positions in the County Career Service, or persons delegated by such Appointing Authority to perform those duties which legally may be delegated. (Ord. 82-56 § 2 (part), 1982; prior Code § 6.13.010)

3.28.020 Probationary Period.

The probationary period is a period of time constituting the final step of the competitive process for potential Career Service employees, normally constituting a period of thirteen accruable pay cycles or as otherwise established, unless extended up to a maximum of seven additional pay cycles at the request of the Appointing Authority and approval of the Human Resources Director. A probationary employee may, without cause, be terminated or demoted to a prior class in which the employee held Career Service status if a position is available. (Ord. 2016-84 § 1 (part), 2016; Ord. 2008-106s § 1 (part), 2008; Ord. 92-163 § 1 (part), 1993; Ord. 82-56 § 2 (part), 1982; prior Code § 6.13.020)