Chapter 3.56


3.56.010    Eligibility. Revised 2/20

3.56.010 Eligibility. Revised 2/20

A.    Specific employees and elected County officials occupying regular full time, regular part time, and limited duration positions shall be eligible to participate in health benefits offered by the County, unless otherwise provided for in County contracts with health carriers. Eligibility will conform to applicable State of Washington and United States government laws, rules, and regulations with detailed eligibility rules published in County Administrative Guidelines as updated from time to time as needed to maintain conformity.

B.    "Health insurance," as used in this Chapter, means any dental, prescription, vision, or other health care benefit included in the health care contracts entered into by the County, at the County's discretion.

C.    The spouse, domestic partner, and dependents of an employee who dies as a result of an industrial accident or illness or otherwise in the line of duty, and who were eligible for and enrolled in one of the County's health insurance plans at the time of the employee's death, shall continue to be covered by the health insurance benefit and the percentage of the premium shall be paid by the County until such time as they become statutorily ineligible for the health insurance benefit under the provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA) or the group medical plan by:

1.    Becoming covered by another group health plan by reason of employment; or

2.    Becoming entitled to receive Medicare benefits; or

3.    The spouse becoming remarried or the domestic partner becoming the domestic partner or spouse of another person and covered by a group medical plan by virtue of the remarriage/new domestic partnership; or

4.    The termination of the County's group medical or health insurance plan; or

5.    Termination of coverage for cause provided in the County's group medical plan or health insurance plan; or

6.    Unmarried dependent children attaining the age of 23 unless otherwise provided in the group medical or health insurance plan; or

7.    Otherwise becoming ineligible for the group medical or health insurance coverage as provided in the plans.

Any premium for such health insurance benefits shall be borne by the County at the percentage paid before the employee's death, upon the approval of the County Executive and County Council.

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