Chapter 8.33


8.33.010    Definition.

8.33.020    Unsecured Load Fee.

8.33.030    Exemptions.

8.33.040    Effective Date.

8.33.010 Definition.

"Unsecured loads" means a shipment of solid waste in or on a vehicle that is not covered, protected, or otherwise secured or tied down by safety chains or other fastening devices in a manner that will prevent waste materials from spilling, escaping, falling, or being blown or deposited outside the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion. (Ord. 94-109 § 1 (part), 1994)

8.33.020 Unsecured Load Fee.

Except for vehicles that are exempted as provided in Section 8.33.030, no vehicles transporting waste materials to any landfill or transfer station located in the County shall contain Unsecured Loads. In the event the operator of any landfill or transfer station located in the County, including the Hidden Valley Landfill, the Purdy Transfer Station, the Anderson Island Transfer Station, the Key Center Transfer Station, and the Prairie Ridge Transfer Station, determines that a vehicle arriving at such facility contains an Unsecured Load and is not exempted under Section 8.33.030, the landfill or transfer station operator shall collect from the driver of the vehicles transporting the Unsecured Load the following fee:

A.    $5.00 per yard for vehicles that are charged by the yard at the applicable landfill or transfer station; and

B.    $10.00 per ton for all other vehicles.

Unsecured load fees collected pursuant to this Section shall be deposited each calendar quarter with the Pierce County Solid Waste Division for the purposes of solid waste reduction and recycling.

(Ord. 94-109 § 1 (part), 1994)

8.33.030 Exemptions.

Unless also transporting solid waste for disposal, the following vehicles and vehicle operators shall be exempt from the requirements and fees set forth in Section 8.33.020:

A.    Vehicles transporting sand, dirt, or gravel in accordance with the provisions of RCW 46.61.655;

B.    Vehicles transporting separated yard and garden debris to any solid waste facility located in the County that accepts such yard and garden debris;

C.    Vehicles transporting separated recyclable materials to any solid waste facility located in the County that accepts such recyclable materials.

(Ord. 94-109 § 1 (part), 1994)

8.33.040 Effective Date.

The requirements of this Chapter shall be effective, and the operators of landfills and transfer stations in the County shall begin collecting the Unsecured Load fee, on November 1, 1994. Prior to November 1, 1994, the drivers of all vehicles arriving at any landfill or transfer station in the County, except exempt vehicles as set forth in Section 8.33.030, shall be issued written notices informing the drivers of the requirements of this Chapter. (Ord. 94-109 § 1 (part), 1994)